Axkid Swedish brand of specialist car seats in rear facing view

The rear facing view is up to 5 times more secure and that is what the specialists are Axkid.

In rear facing view, the force is absorbed by the backrest of the car seat, protecting the child to the maximum.


Axkid chairs, Swedish security.

Axkid is set as an objective to ensure that not one more child suffers serious consequences due to an accident, for that reason no concessions are made or efforts are saved by working day by day to be at the forefront and to offer maximum security products.

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Why buy AXKID car seats?

1- Because we are specialists in rear facing, since it is the best choice for the safety of our children.
2- Our products are unique because they have the best security, comfort and installation solutions
3- Because we create easy-to-use products
4- And finally because we are an avant-garde company, we always work with the latest technologies, trends, materials and solutions.