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Axkid One 2 Plus car seat, from birth to 23kg.

ONE 2 Plus by Axkid is the only ISOfix rear-facing seat in the world approved according to the R-129 (i-Size) standard for children up to approximately 7 years of age or up to 125 cm in height / 23 kg in weight.

Axkid One 2 plus now with new booster cushions and improved headrests, but also up to 100 internal improvements.

Always in the opposite direction to the march with approval i-Size possibly the safest chair on the market.
The safety function is combined with a solid and ergonomic style complying with the principles of a current style, simplicity, functionality and safety go hand in hand on the Axkid One 2+.
Its structure has been carefully designed to achieve greater resistance, providing the maximum safety protection for car seats. In its manufacture, aluminum and hardened steel are used to form a lightweight safety structure functioning as a protective nest, all the materials with which it is built are capable of absorbing impact and minimizing shock forces.

But comfort is also very present in this model of chair, since it has ventilation holes through which air can circulate and thus refresh the child on the hottest days of summer.
It is also the rear-facing car seat that has the most space for the child's legs, since we can carry it against the reverse from birth to 7 years and for this Axkid has devised a system of rails through which the seat can slide in positions thus adapting the space and its operation is simple with one hand.

It also has the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the chair up to 42º, for a better rest for the child.
But it is also designed for parents since thanks to the materials it uses, it weighs up to 30% less than other car seats, which makes it easy to change from one car to another and its placement in the car is designed so that in less than 30 seconds be totally safe.


Key features of the Axkid One 2 Plus car seat

- Light and innovative design, thanks to its materials it achieves up to 30% less weight.
- The rear-facing car seat that offers more legroom for children
- Guarantee of fast and safe installation, we only have to hook the isofix connectors, unfold the support leg, release the anti-tip arch and put it on.
- Possibly the safest car seat on the market from birth to 7 years (125 cm in height and 23kg in weight)


Axkid ONE 2 Plus Car Seat Features

- Isofix connectors
- Various continuous recline positions from 20 to 40 degrees
- Headrest adjustment and harness tension
- Headrest with visco elastic foam
- Leg room adjustment
- Adjustable and removable anti-roll arch
- Ventilation system

Comparison of response in the event of an accident in the direction of travel versus in the reverse direction.

Traveling facing the rear is up to 5 times safer for the child than traveling facing the direction of the vehicle.
The weight of the child's head constitutes 25% of the child's total body weight, which means that, in the event of a collision, the child's head and neck are very vulnerable and at increased risk of injury. A child safety seat
Countermarking distributes crash forces more evenly in the event of a collision, and is much more effective in protecting the neck and head. For this reason, the longer your child can ride seated in reverse, the longer it will benefit from greater protection.


Technical specifications

Seat depth; 32 cm
Maximum length of the support leg; 52cm
Chair weight; 10kg


Axkid One 2 Plus car seat colors

Black (ref. 25120016) Black

Grey (ref. 25120021) Granite melange

Red (ref. 25120025) Tile melange

Beig (ref. 25120024) Birck Melange

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