Axkid Rear-Facing

AXKID Child safety always comes first, protecting children on the road is our goal.

Rear facing view for as long as possible reduces the injury rate by 90%, take children in rear facing to 25kg approximately 6 years.

Axkid offers products that provide maximum safety, we continuously research to provide innovative products, manufactured with the best materials in the sector and thinking of offering maximum comfort to children.

At Axkid we want to establish new and more demanding standards for child safety, implementing technical solutions and always trying to raise awareness that rear facing car seats saves lives.



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Swedish rear facing car seats Axkid

We believe that safety, comfort and education must be interrelated, better safety standards and a better knowledge of the subject, SAVE LIVES.


Why buy AXKID rear facing car seats?

Because it complies with the PLUS TEST, the highest standard of security that exists today
Because it complies rigorously with the European regulation (REACH) in matters of chemical substances, it watches to protect the health and the environment.
Because an Axkid car seat complies in all its aspects with the highest safety standards, being subjected to rigorous tests, choosing all carefully tested and certified materials.