The main characteristic of this car seat is that its 360º rotation allows us to turn the chair towards the door in all its configurations, thus facilitating the baby and child getting in and out.

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Groups 0 + / 1/2/3 car seat, from newborn to 36kg of weight approximately 10-12 years.

Jupiter is a be cool chair that combines the characteristics of a 0-1 group and those of the later groups and totally different such as 2-3.
Thanks to its ingenious design, it is a perfect 0-1 group chair from birth to 18kg in weight that can always be carried in reverse or from 76cm in the direction of travel thanks to its 360º rotation, and that  It also allows you to turn it towards the door to easily put and remove the child from the car seat.
As group 0-1, it is installed in the vehicle with the isofix anchoring system and support leg, it has a newborn reducer, 5-point child restraint harnesses and a head adjustment to allow the seat to adapt to the growth of the baby and serve up to 18kg of weight.

 Rear-Facing for as long as possible.

Jupiter in its Gr 0-1 car seat configuration can always be carried in the opposite direction to the march until we configure it as group 2-3, this is recommended, but from 76cm in height of the child it allows us to turn it in direction of travel.
As group 2-3 we must extract the 5-point harnesses from group 0-1 and install it in the vehicle with isofix and also with a support leg, the child will already be held in his seat with the vehicle's 3-point belt, until height 135-150cm, about 10-12 years old.
But in addition, the Jupiter car seat by be cool allows us to turn towards the door to place and remove the child even in the Gr 2-3 car seat configuration, it is the only one on the market so far with this feature that makes it more comfortable and an option to take into account when purchasing a car seat.


Features of the be cool Jupiter Gr 0 + / 1/2/3 car seat

-  Installation with isofix and support leg
-  From newborn to 135-150cm tall approximately 10-12 years
- Group + with maximum recline for a great comfort of the baby, reducer adaptable to the different stages of growth of the baby.
-  360º rotation in all its configurations, which allows us to always turn towards the door to put on and take off the baby or child with ease and comfort.

Be cool Jupiter car seat colors

Gray (ref. 212G7JRJJY74) Star

Black (ref. 212G7JRJJY73) Millenium

Red (ref. 212G7JRJJY72) Fire

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