BeSafe car seats and safety items for babies and children.

HTS began to develop saddles from the beginning of the 20th century, back in the 30s, it manufactured chairs for the most common means of transport at that time, horses, with the passage of time things changed and horses began to be replaced by the automotive industry and HTS began to manufacture covers for car seats and car seats, but from the year 1963 with the BeSafe brand appeared the first car seat for children.

Today the concepts and needs are very different and BeSafe is at the forefront of safety for children in the car with a whole series of child safety elements with the latest trends and technologies in addition to the most demanding European regulations, such as the i-Size and on the demanding Nordic Plus Test standard.

BeSafe car seats.

- Pregnant belt.

- Baby car seats.

- Small Child car seats.

- Car seats for Children.

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Why buy a BeSafe brand car seat?

For its high quality and childcare products designed to protect the little ones but without forgetting the parents for its ease of use and different catalog options to adapt to the needs of each family. Solutions for all parents.

BeSafe is a pioneer in developing rear-facing car seats, its first rear-facing car seat was born 25 years ago. But BeSafe also has car seats and safety items even before the baby is born.
For this, it has the original BeSafe Pregnant belt for pregnant women for future breasts, it deflects the hip belt under the stomach and the fetus and in case of braking or collision it prevents all force from being exerted on the baby, thus protecting life both the mother and the fetus.

Modular systems, to favor the daily life of the potatoes, this system consists of 3 pieces, BASE - GROUP 0+ CHAIR - GR 0-1 CAR SEAT (from 6 months to up to 4 years)

Group 0-1 car seats, in reverse, also with swing towards the door to be able to easily position the child.
Car seats Groups 0-1-2 in reverse up to 25kg of weight apx 6 years
Car seats with spectacular innovations, such as the iZi Combi X4 ISOfix with adjustable isofix and adjustable anti-rollback protection also in conjunction with the isofix adjustment.
Group 2-3 car seats with rotation in the opposite direction to impact to protect the child more and better, in which the same child can recline the car seat himself.

A wide range of car seats with BeSafe quality and safety to suit all needs.