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Britax Römer Advansafix car seat with i-Size approval, more stringent safety tests, incorporates in Gr 2-3 XP-PAD and SecureGuard, in addition to the SICT side impact protection system.

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Britax Römer Advansafix i-Size car seat, the best 3 in 1 car seat.

Advansafix i-Size, as well as being approved under the strict i-Size regulations and therefore has been approved with more stringent safety tests, also provides greater protection for older children, when converted to group 2-3 thanks to the incorporation of the XP-PAD.

What is XP-PAD?

To protect the delicate area of the child's neck in the event of a frontal impact, Britax Römer has developed a shock-absorbing foam pad. It prevents the impact of the child's chin on the chest, absorbing up to 30%* of the energy. Sudden forward movement of the head is reduced and the neck is protected. And at the same time, it provides extra padding around the edges of the seat belt.

In addition, to complete the safety system, it incorporates the rest of Britax Römer's safety elements such as SecureGuard, which is a small belt between the legs (for group 2-3 configurations) through which we pass the ventral part of the car's belt, preventing up to 35% of the belt's intrusion into the child's stomach in the event of a frontal collision, and the SICT side impact protection system which we activate on the door side. This system is used in all Advansafix i-Size car seat configurations.
Britax Römer's Advansafix i-Size is designed to provide maximum comfort, along with total flexibility, by incorporating the FLIP&GROW

What is the FLIP&GROW function?

To convert the Advansafix i-Size car seat from group 1 to group 2-3 the 5-point harnesses of the seat do not need to be dismantled as they can be easily stored in a compartment designed for this purpose behind the backrest upholstery. It also makes it easy to convert the seat back to group 1, thus facilitating the transformation and ensuring that no necessary elements are lost.

Advansafix i-Size thanks to its advanced system of fastening with harnesses through which the child can be up to 21kg in weight. According to the i-Size standard up to 105cm in height.

Features of the Britax Römer Advansafix i-Size car seat

- Quick-release covers: Can be removed without dismantling any part of the harness.
- Pivot Link System: In the event of impact, it directs the forces downwards to the vehicle seat, and then, more gently, forwards, which reduces the risk of damage to the head and neck.

-  EasyRecline for greater comfort

- Integrated 5-point harnesses

- Soft breast pads

-  XP-PAD and SecureGuard impact protection system

- FLIP&GROW System

- SICT system: Advanced side impact protection

- V-shaped headrest: Ensures greater protection in the event of a side impact.

- V-shaped TOP TETHER third anchorage point: Minimises the rotation of the chair forward in the event of impact and reduces possible head and neck injuries. The V-shaped anchorage point offers greater stability than other conventional Top Tether. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THIS CAR SEAT WHEN INSTALLED WITH ISOFIX AND TOP TETHER, IF YOUR VEHICLE DOES NOT EQUIP THE TOP TETHER SHOULD NOT BE INSTALLED WITH ISOFIX

The TOP TETHER system is only for the configuration as group 1, in the configuration group 2-3 it must not be used.

- EasyRecline: Reclining system with easy operation even with the child in the chair.

Installation of the Advansafix i-Size car seat in the car
1) GROUP 1 - ISOFIX with Top Theter from 76 to 102cm high.
        As group 1 and with isofix the Top Tether anchorage is also necessary to guarantee a safer installation and greater stability, as it prevents the rotation of the chair in the event of impact.
2) GROUP 2-3 - Isofix and vehicle three-point belts from 100 to 150cm in height
        Installation of the chair as group 2-3, the chair is anchored to the vehicle's isofix system, it should not be placed in Top Tether and the child is held with the vehicle's three-point belt.
3) GROUP 2-3 With three-point belt from 100 to 150cm in height
As group 2-3 for vehicles without isofix, the seat is placed on the vehicle seat when the child is placed and the safety belt is anchored and in this way both the child and the seat are retained in the event of an impact. We must bear in mind that when the child is not seated we must also hold the seat as if it were there, since if it were not it would be loose and in the event of braking or a collision it could fly away.

Specifications of the Britax Römer Advansafix i-Size car seat

Britax Römer Advansafix i-Size car seat colours
Grey (ref. 2000033492) Storm Grey

Black (ref. 2000033491) Cosmos Black

Navy Blue (ref. 2000033493) Moonlight Blue

Rose (ref. 2000033494) Wine Rose

Red (ref. 2000033496) Fire Red

Bordeaux (ref. 2000033497) Burgundy Red

Blue (ref. 2000033502) Cool Flow Blue

Grey (ref.2000033501) Cool Flow Silver

Greis Marengo (ref 2000033498) Grey Marble

Black (ref. 2000033655) Cool Flow Black