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Advansafix M i-Size Britax Römer, designed to give maximum protection, easy to install and configure in different groups thanks to its FLIP & GROW system. Quick release covers, installation with isofix and Top Tether.

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Britax Römer Advansafix M i-Size car seat from 76 to 150cm high.

Advansafix M i-Size designed to give protection to children from 15 months (76cm tall) to 12 years (150cm tall) with the particularity that we can take the child up to 21kg (105cm tall) with the harnesses group 1.
When the child grows we go from group 1 to 2-3, that is, from the 5-point harness to the 3-point belt of the vehicle and thanks to the FLIP & GROW function, which allows us to store the elements of group 1 in a compartment of the chair and to the not having to extract anything, we make sure we have it ready to use it again as group 1 if it is necessary again without losing any element.
The EasyRecline function allows us to recline the chair so that the child is always comfortable without readjusting the installation of the belt.

Ways of installing the Britax Römer Advansafix M i-Size car seat.

1- Isofix with Top Tether (76 - 105cm)
For its use as group 1 with the 5-point safety harnesses we must anchor it to the vehicle's isofix system and also compulsorily with the Top Tether belt to guarantee optimal stability and protection.

What is Top Tether?

Third V-shaped TOP TETHER anchorage point: Minimizes the forward rotation of the chair in the event of an impact and reduces possible head and neck damage, with the “V” shape offering greater stability than other conventional Top Tether. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THIS CAR SEAT WHEN INSTALLED WITH ISOFIX AND TOP TETHER, IF YOUR VEHICLE DOES NOT EQUIP THE TOP TETHER, IT MUST NOT BE INSTALLED WITH ISOFIX.

2- Installation with belt and isofix anchor (100-150cm)
When we convert the Advansafix M i-Size to Gr 2-3 we must install it with the isofix anchors and disconnect the Top Tether belt, in this way we ensure the best behavior of the car seat in the event of braking or accident.

3- Installation with 3-point vehicle belt. (100-150cm)
In the case of having a vehicle without the isofix system and only in group 2-3 we can place the seat in the car and tie the child with the 3-point seat belt without anchoring the seat to the isofix system, just as we would in a group chair 2-3 without isofix, always keeping in mind that when the child is not in the chair, we must pass the car belt, as if it were in this way in case of braking or accident, we guarantee that the chair is it remains in its proper place.

Features of the Britax Römer Advansafix M i-Size car seat.
-  Quick removal covers: It allows us to remove and put the upholstery on the chair simply and quickly to be able to wash them.
 Britax Römer Pivot Link System: It has this Römer patented system of its isofix system which directs forces in the event of an impact downwards, preventing further displacement forward.
- 5-point harnesses with locking buckle in anti-heat materials, if we leave the chair exposed to heat, we will not burn ourselves when handling it or the child. In addition, in the event of an impact, the harness distributes the force between the 5 anchorage points, helping to provide greater protection.
- Soft chest pads made of high quality neoprene.
- SecureGuard: When we convert the chair from Gr 1 to Gr 2-3 in the area of ​​the anchor buckle, we will install the Secureguard, it is stored in a compartment under the upholstery in which we will keep when the Gr buckle does not need it. one.
- "V" shaped headrest: Designed to control the movement of the child's head in the event of a side impact, protecting the weakest area that is the neck and head.

Technical specifications of the Advansafix M i-Size car seat. From Britax Römer.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 60 - 83 x 44 x 47 cm
Weight: 11 kg

Britax Römer Advansafix M i-Size car seat colors.

Gray (Ref. 2000034306) Storm Gray

Black (Ref. 2000034305) Cosmos Black

Blue (Ref. 2000034307) Moonlight Blue

Bordeaux (Ref. 2000034308) Burgundy Red