Britax Römer Kidfix i-Size car seat probably the safest Gr 2-3 car seat ever made by Britax Römer It includes all the technical advances of the brand such as the XP-PAD SecureGuard, etc. and also the i-Size standard.

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Britax Römer KIDFIX i-Size car seat, safety and comfort are its hallmarks.

Britax Römer has developed the Gr 2-3 KIDFIX i-Size car seat (ECE R129) to be used in the car from 100cm in height and up to 150cm, but it is also complemented with the safety systems already existing in other Britax Römer models such as the XP-PAD, SecureGuard and of course a redesigned SICT side impact protection system.
In order to obtain this approval, KIDFIX i-SIze has passed more and stronger impact tests than those approved under the ECE 44/04 standard. And thanks to this it has managed to reduce the loads on the neck in the event of a side impact by up to 50kg.

Britax Römer in this model of KIDFIX i-Size car seat, has managed to further optimize the safety area of side impact protection, thanks to its characteristic "V" shape where it is now difficult to see at first glance but inside the passenger compartment of the seat is obtained a precise adaptation to the size in width of the child thanks to its new optimized sides.
The new headrest has also been optimised and has been redesigned to provide much improved side protection and extraordinary comfort.

The upholstery has the same traditional quality of the Britax Römer car seats, but in this case and following the new guidelines of the brand in its new models when removing and replacing the upholstery for washing is much simpler and easier. 

 Safety features included in the KIDFIX i-Size car seat

  1-XP-PAD evolved and optimised: Belt that comes from the child's shoulder and can be placed very easily on either side depending on where we place the car seat.
In the event of a frontal impact, its function is to prevent whiplash by up to 30% and also to prevent the child's chin from coming into contact with the chest, which greatly increases safety, but we also get a plus in comfort as the protector that carries the xp-pad is highly padded and made of neoprene, which prevents it from slipping and helps to reduce the direct action against the child's chest in the event of braking or frontal impact.

  2-SECURE GUARD: Helps to protect the delicate abdominal area, keeps the ventral section of the belt in an optimal position and avoids up to 35% of the sudden intrusion of the belt into the child's stomach and therefore reduces damage to the internal organs.

 3- SICT: New side impact protection system in this model is fully removable and has two positioning positions to try to bring the point of impact as close as possible to the SICT module.

Features of the Britax Römer Kidfix i-SIze car seat.

. New SICT impact protection system offers improved side protection, which is also removable and adjustable in two positions to place it on the side of the backrest closest to the car door.
SICT technology reduces the forces of a side impact by up to 40% by deforming to absorb the energy.
. Optimised seating area, the seating area has been redesigned to reduce neck loads by up to 50kg.
. Ergonomic headrest with easy adjustment, including useful markings on the back of the headrest to guide parents to find the correct headrest height position.
.    Ventilation holes to ensure comfort through increased air circulation, especially on the hottest days of the year.
. Installation with isofix or belt.

. Removable upholstery that can be easily removed and machine washed, always in cold water at 30°.

The kidfix i-Size offers two installation options

1- Isofix and three-point belt.
2- Three-point vehicle seat belt

Specifications of the Britax Römer Kidfix i-Size car seat.

Width of 44 cm (without SICT) with this width it is possible to fit three seats in the back seats of many cars, especially those with i-Size seats or with Isofix in the three rear seats.
Dimensions of the Britax Römer Kidfix i-Size car seat.
Height x width x depth.  63-83 x 44-48 x 42cm.
Weight: 7.4kg
Approval: UNE ECE R129 (i-Size)

Britax Römer KIDFIX i-SIZE - Dimensiones

Colours of the KIDFIX i-Size Britax Römer car seat

Grey (ref. 2000035121) Storm Grey

Black (ref. 2000035120) Cosmos Black

Burgundy (ref. 2000035123) Burgundy Red

Blue (ref. 2000035122) Moonlight Blue

Orange (ref. 2000035124) Golden Cognac