Britax Römer Stroller

Britax Römer strollers and baby carriages.

The German brand has several models of strollers and baby carriages of high quality, features and a characteristic design that make them timeless and above all durable over time.
The fundamental characteristics of Britax Römer products, also in its entire line of articles for the walk.
From newborn to 22kg, with either a carrycot or a car seat, but also approved to use the hammock seats from 0 months.

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Why choose a Britax Römer stroller or stroller and not another?

A Britax Römer stroller or baby car is designed so that you can smile in all seasons, be it the hot summer or the cold winter, since you can adapt it to each season with rain and air protectors, bags, etc.
You will also not lack comfort thanks to its suspensions that perfectly cushion any irregularity of the terrain and some anti-puncture wheels and of course all its possible configurations to adapt to your needs and those of the baby.
A daily walk with the baby favors and strengthens his immune system and we open him little by little to the world, it will also help him to whet his appetite and later to be able to reconcile a restful sleep.

Choosing your baby car or stroller Britax Römer has never been so easy.