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Bumprider is a brand whose designs are iconic, modern where quality, practicality and ease of use are its hallmarks.

The designers of the brand prioritize above all the manageability and ease of their articles, but always with modern modern designs of simple lines, to go for a walk with your child in a practical way but with fashion design.

Bumprider impregnates its designs of the highest technology at the service of parents and their children.

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Bumprider Skate


Bumprider magnetic Bag Sidebag
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Why buy Bumprider items?

Because its design is elegant, modern and practical, as well as easy to install and handle, safe for your child and adapts to your needs.

And also because it manufactures the best skate in the world, adaptable to all baby carriages and strollers.
Because it has the only original pushchair with the connect easy system, easy to have a twin pushchair or two single pushchairs in seconds, with multiple accessories, bags, carrycots, baskets, adapters, rain covers, everything you need for the walk with your baby or babies

But in addition it also manufactures the universal bar, yes universal, the only protective bar in the world compatible with all strollers. 100% insured.

Bumprider genius made real.

Bumprider thought and designed for modern parents, who choose a way of life on the go.

It is the only stroller that can be converted from single to double in seconds, thanks to its patented magnet system, it makes it easier and faster for us to go for a walk with one or two children, or if each parent wants to go with a child, configure your outings for a walk with your children as you want and as you need at the time you need it.

All the necessary accessories to fully equip the walks with Bumprider, rain protectors, mosquito nets, carrycot and adapters to place the group 0 seat.

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