The King II car seat by Britax Römer combines safety and comfort, for those cars that do not have isofix, patented belt tensioning system, several recline positions and lifting head and belts system.

Britax Römer
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Car Seat Britax Römer King II

The King II car seat from Römer combines safety and comfort, for those parents who do not have isofix in their car, it is easy to install due to a seat opening system and thus facilitates the installation of car safety belts in a simple way, but also safe because having space to place the belts, makes a correct installation easier.

Once the belt is placed when the seat is closed again, it incorporates a patented belt tensioning system, making its fastening one of the most correct on the market.
It also has several reclining positions for the comfort of the child when making a trip and that we fall asleep in a quiet and relaxed.

It includes an easy lifting system for the safety harnesses of five points of the seat to adapt to the growth of the child, until the moment of changing seats at 18kg approximately 4 years.

It also has wide and padded sides, with which the child is protected in case of a side impact, but also provide great comfort at bedtime.
The King II car seat from Römer is a seat that we can say combines safety with comfort.

Characteristics of the King II seat


Simple installation with patented belt tension adjustment system with three points of anchoring of the car.

Protection against side impacts.
Sides with thick, soft padding, padded pectorals reduce the child's movement forward.

Cinto points safety harness

Multiple recline positions

Direction of the seat
Front facing




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