Car seat group 0-1

Car seats for babies and children Gr 0-1.

This group of car seatsis the most complex of all, the first thing we have to be clear about is that traveling rear facing is 5 times safer.
                      Why is it safe to travel rear facing?
In case of sudden braking or accident when traveling rear facing, the car seat housing absorbs and eliminates practically and thanks to the support leg the movement in the direction of impact, so that the head and neck are retained and therefore lesions in those areas of the child's body are reduced by up to 73%.
The same reduction of forces in front facing can lead to serious or very serious injuries to the child, including cervical decapitation. We know what is safest for our child. Now we must choose the car seat that suits our needs. Here you can see them.

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How to choose the correct car seat group 0-1 for our child?

According to the rules of the car seat that we choose we will have some characteristics or others it is therefore interesting to know the different regulations and why they are made

  • 1)   Car seats group 0-1 regulation ECE 44/04
  • 2)    Car seats group 0-1 i-Size regulations
  • 3)    Car seats group 0-1 Standard i-Size and Plus Test

Regulation ECE 44/04: This regulation is governed by ages and weights, in addition it is not necessary to pass lateral impact tests to homologate in these regulations. The ECE 44/04 chairs from newborn to 18kg approximately 4 years. Most of these car seats are placed in the vehicle with an isofix anchor system, but there are also car seats with a three-point belt anchorage system.
Regulation i-Size: This regulation is governed only by height, and in this group it is up to 105cm, the age and weight is only merely indicative. Your car anchor system should always be with Isofix.
Regulation i-Size and Plus Test: Plus Test is a demanding norm of the Nordic countries that is governed by weights and ages, but whose peculiarity is that from the beginning of its use until the end it must always go backwards, that is, these chairs can never be turned in the sense of the March.


Other features that we must take into account when choosing the car seat of Gr 0-1

Check that the model we are interested in has or does not turn towards the door, this 90º turn is very comfortable when putting and removing the child.
We must also take into account the reducer that equips the car seat, since it is essential. The function of the reducer is not only to adapt the car seats cabin to the child's development, but also so that the chair is as stretched as possible to avoid postural asphyxiation.

What is postural asphyxia?
It occurs due to compression of the chest and airways as a result of inadequate posture, as the baby is in a more sitting position.

Is the car seat I want for my car approved?
We must also check that the car seat we are interested in is approved for our vehicle, for this we can download the list of approved vehicles that we include in the car seats product sheet.

Why choose a car seat for babies and young children from group 0-1?

Because they are the most versatile, thanks to their 90º turn. But above all for its safety against the counter, for its comfort and for its adaptation to the child's growth.


Conclusions on Group 0-1 chairs


  • The most economical: They are those that have ECE 44/04 regulations
  • The most versatile: Those that have i-Size regulations from newborn even for premature babies up to 105cm, configurable reducer and adaptable to the child's growth, turn towards the door and turn in the direction of walking, always after 15 months.
  • The safest: Those with Plus Test regulations, because they will always go in the opposite direction to the march that is up to 5 times safer.