Car seat group 1-2-3

Multi-group car seats for children, grow and grow up to 150cm tall.

The 1-2-3 group car seats cover different ages from 9 kg to 36kg in weight. They are very versatile car seats that support a wide range of weights and grow at the same time as the child. They are always installed in the car in the direction of travel.

  • ➡️As group 1 they are used from 9 to 18kg of weight approximately up to 4 years.
  • ➡️From 18kg they are configured as group 2-3 and are used from 4 years to 10-12 years approximately 135-150cm in height and 36kg in weight.


It is a car seat group in which different anchoring systems fit in the car with both isofix and without isofix depending on the model, there are also car seats with ventral cushion. Look here for all the different group 1-2-3 car seats and continue reading at the bottom the differentiating characteristics of the 1-2-3 group car seats.


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More information about group 1 2 3 car seats

Different systems and types of anchoring of car seats for children of group 1-2-3

  • 1)    Car seats Group 1-2-3 with harnesses and isofix anchoring system
  • 2)    Car seats group 1-2-3 with harnesses and without isofix
  • 3)    Car seats groupo 1-2-3 with isofix and ventral cushion


Car seats with 5-point harnesses and isofix anchoring system.

This type of car seats must always be installed in the car with the isofix system and the third anchor point (top theter) is also essential if the vehicle does not have this third anchor point (see vehicle instructions) SHOULD NOT BE INSTALLED IN THE CAR, as it would be highly insecure because in case of braking or impact the car seat would perform a rotation on its isofix anchoring system.


What is the top theter?

It is a belt that leaves from the top of the car seat and is anchored in the part of the vehicle where it is approved (see instructions of the vehicle), this belt prevents that in case of braking or accident the car seat made a forward rotation.
When the child reaches the maximum age and weight (4 years and 18kg) must be configured as a group 2-3 for this we must remove the 5-point belts install the car seat in the car with the isofix, but here it is no longer The third top theter anchor point is necessary, and the child is attached to the car seat with the vehicle's three-point belt just like adults. In group 2-3 configuration it can also be installed in vehicles without isofix, although it is not advisable due to the high weight of the car seat when carrying the isofix base.


Car seats with 5-point harnesses and WITHOUT ISOFIX anchoring system

This type of car seats are fastened with the three-point seat belt of the vehicle and the child with the 5-point harnesses of the car seat, once installed we must periodically monitor (every 3-6 months) that the car belt I have not taken slack and is relaxed since in case of accident the retention would not be completely optimal.

Once we set up the car seat in group 2-3, we will remove the 5-point belts from the car seat, and the child will secure it with the three-point belt of the vehicle. We must bear in mind that in this configuration if the child is not in the car seat, we must also hold it with the three-point belt if it would not be completely loose and in case of slowdown or accident it would leave farewell forward.


Car seats with ventral cushion.

This type of group 1-2-3 car seats are 2-3 group car seats to which the manufacturer places a ventral cushion and the three-point belt of the car passes through this cushion and is the one who will hold the child in case of slowdown or accident, regardless of placement with or without isofix.
This ventral cushion system has advantages such as that the child has greater freedom of movement and also in the case of a frontal accident the load of forces on the neck and head are lower, but in the case of an accident with a bell return when not available of harnesses that hold him by the shoulder, it could fit the possibility that the child was fired from the car seat. To configure this type of car seats in group 2-3 you just have to remove the ventral cushion.


How to place Britax-Romer Evolva car seats from group 1-2-3


Conclusions of group 1-2-3 car seats

Versatile car seats that give us the option of having a single child restraint system we have a very long period of use.

However, because they must adapt to very long periods of growth, they are never the most accurate car seats in safety.