Car seat rear-facing

Car seat rear facing view, 73% more secure.

Carrying children in rear facing reduces the risk of spinal and cervical injuries up to 73% in the event of an accident.

In the Nordic countries it is mandatory to use rear facing car seats for at least 4 years, they even have a much more demanding regulation than the one we have in the rest of Europe (Plus Test). These car seats can not be turned in the direction of door, let alone in front facing.

In the rest of Europe the new regulation ECE R / 129 has foreseen that also the rear facing car seats is compulsory until the 4 years, at the moment it is of obligatory application a part of the denominated norm i-Size, which forces to take to the children rear facing until 15 months (apx 76cm in height), prohibiting the placement of small children in the front seat of the co-pilot.

Here you can see all the rear facing models of our portfolio, the best car seats in the opposite direction to the march.

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