Jane Rear-Facing

Rear facing Jané Ikonic i-Size car seat from newborn up to 105cm tall (Gr. 0-1)

The parents are in luck with the experience and know-how of Jané over 80 years, they are here, in the rear facing Jané Ikonic car seat.

Probably the car seat with the largest interior space on the market, newborn reducer and turn towards the door and front facing, gets the i-Size homologation.

Jané Ikonic, safety in the car with the greatest space for the child.

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IKONIC i-Size, is the car seat group 0-1 of Jané that replaces its predecessor Gravity, has been evolved which means that it does more and better than its predecessor, both in safety, as in manageability and also in its external volume, because with the same internal measures Jane gets thanks to its new design gets reduce its external measures to be able to place it in a large majority of vehicles without reducing space to the passenger seat.

Jane Ikonic i-Size, back-to-back security.