Rear-facing Britax

Rear facing car seats by Britax-Römer.

We talk about child safety in the car. And taking rear facing the children has been shown to be the most effective way for their safety, in the Nordic countries it is obligatory to take them in rear facing until 4 years (105cm). In the rest of Europe, the regulations are not so demanding and allow that from 15 months (76cm) children can make front facing if the parents want it. Obviously the maximum security is the rear facing, that's why Britax-Römer puts on the market chairs for all the needs of today's parents.

The well-known and recognized car seat MAX WAY now with its evolution MAX WAY Plus is one of the most sold car seats of the brand, always in the rear facing and up to 25kg, positioning with vehicle safety belts, whether they are 2 or 3 points, which makes it versatile for all types of cars, regardless of the time they are. But Britax-Römer does not stay here and also has the new Multi-Tech III, rear and front facing up to 25kg apx 6 years.


Why should we trust the safety of our children in the Britax-Römer car seats?

Because the car seat oriented rear facing are those that best protect the spine and neck, and Britax-Römer is a specialist and recommends the use of this type of car seats, the great advantage is the easy and simple installation with seat belts .

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