Cybex Rear-facing

Cybex car seats rear facing view, safety and comfort in rear facing view.

Cybex is the manufacturer with more car seats in the rear facing view.
In its Platinum series, it includes the latest developments in technology as well as in the fabrics and materials it uses. In this Platinum series, the latest innovations are those of the Z SIRONA Z series with the i-Size standard and also the SIRONA Q i-Size.
In the gold series, it includes models such as the SIRONA S i-Size, with safety harnesses both in rear and front facing.


Why do experts advise CYBEX rear facing view car seats ?

Because it is the brand with the most complete series of rear facing car seats with different systems, both with 5-point safety harnesses and with a ventral cushion at the time of positioning in the direction of travel.

Cybex has a total of 7 models in car seats of group 0-1 and three different models of 0+, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Cybex uses technologies and materials such as a new housing that absorbs up to 5% more energy than any other model of the competition, with a system of internal ventilation channels that make it more comfortable in hot weather.

Cybex's priority is safety and comfort, without forgetting the design.

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