Rear-facing Britax Römer Car Seat

BRITAX RÖMER car seats in the rear facing view, not only 73% safer.

From birth to 4 years, not only is more safety achieved in a Römer car seat rear facing view, if not the comfort of the child, the reliability of the brand, the ease of installation of both the car seat in the car, as the child in the car seat itself. Also the assurance that the latest technologies of the leading brand in the sector are implemented in all its car seats of the Premium line.

The Römer Group 0-1 car seats in their DUALFIX i-Size and Swingfix i-Size models, which also passes the demanding test of the Nordic PLUS TEST, are the best in their category.


Why are the best car seats in its category?

Because Römer has put in them all their wisdom and experience, all their technology and improves what is now on the market, with its new side impact system SICT, with its system 180 and 360 degrees rotation integrated into the base of the car seat, unlike the rest of the car seats with support through a rotating pivot. Because in addition their reducers are those that more and better adapt to the more babies, even from premature, thanks to its different removable layers.

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Reviews Britax-Römer rear facing car seats

Römer customers praise safety above all, and the versatility of models that can be chosen, all in the rear facing view, from newborns to 105cm tall.
Also highlight the users and customers of the brand, the ease of installation, the maneuverability of the car seat and the simple and simple placement of the child in the car seat.
Römer users do not change brands, they always repeat, the child is growing and needs a new car seat model adapted to their new measures and ages, but always in their trusted car seat . BRITAX-RÖMER


Reasons why experts advise Römer car seats to use rear facing

The reliability of the römer counterbalanced car seats is exceptional, their wide variety of models confirm this and all of them are always among the winners of the tests or among the first positions.
DUALFIX, was the first car seat in the rear facing to the march with 180º and 360º rotation with safety belts of 5 points both in the rear facing, as in front facing, nowadays it has two more DUALFIX models with normative i- size

It also has car seats in the rear facing with the strict PLUS TEST regulations, with this regulation the car seats can not turn in front facing, however Britax-Römer is the first to put on the market two car seats with this approval with 90º turn towards the door to facilitate the placement of the child.

Innovation and security at the service of Britax-Römer customers.