Römer Kidfix II xp Black series car seat, the most complete car seat in the Kidfix range.

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  Car seat Gr. 2/3 (15 up to 36kg)

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Car Seat Römer Kidfix XP II SICT Black Series

Römer Kidfix II xp Black series car seat, the most complete car seat in the Kidfix range.

Römer manufacturer German leader in the sector of car seats, combines in this car seat model all its advances and developments in safety, the kidfix xp ii sict passes the strictest safety standards at European level, but the brand goes further incorporating elements that make it different and exclusive, the more likely it is that in case of braking or accident our son has fewer injuries, it is very important.

This car seat framed in group 2-3 for children from 15kg apx 3-4 years (important minimum height 98cm) to 10-12 years 135-150cm in height is manufactured in a structure deformable and absorbent of energy and unbreakable in chip shape in the event of an accident, also equipped with rigid isofix connectors of the latest generation, for fixing to the anchor points of the car, adjustable in three positions.

Compensates the underwater effect by coordinating two devices: the pivoting connectors that prevent the car seat from rotating forward and a controlled deformation element that lengthens the distance from the base to the isofix points to compensate for the elongation of the car's belt in case of frontal impact.


Exclusive features of the Kidfix ii xp sict black series

In addition, this car seat model includes the most advanced safety technology made by the Römer engineers, exclusive and patented by the brand:

XP-PAD System: Absorbs up to 30% of the energy in the event of frontal impact while decreasing the load on the neck, minimizing hyperflexion of the cervical vertebrae, preventing the chin from hitting the sternum.

Secureguard System: This system prevents abdominal injuries by sudden intrusion of the belt in case of braking or frontal impact, this exclusive Römer innovation has been shown to reduce up to 35% the abdominal forces, protecting the internal organs of the body in the same protection.

The Sict: Are the retractable and deformable side elements that bring the point of impact to the door and absorb up to 25% of the energy in case of lateral impact. Its volume is adjustable to suit different cars.

"V" shape of the headrest and backrest: The backrest is designed in this way to protect the shoulders of the child as it grows. And the head protects more and better the neck in case of lateral impact and also helps the child to hold his head when he falls asleep, since it supports both the head and face.



High backrest: 68 to 86 cm
Width: 54 cm
Depth: 42 cm
Weight: 7.2 kg



Colors in which you can buy your Römer Kidfix II car seat xp sict black series

Black (ref.2000025247) Black series Cosmos Black

Gray (ref.2000025573) Black series Storm Gray

Blue (ref.2000025249) Black series Ocean Blue

Red (ref.2000025248) Black series Flame Red

Navy blue (ref.2000027885) Black series Moonlight Blue

Black (ref.2000027915) Black series Mystic Black

Beige (ref.2000027883) Black series Sand Marble

Rosa (ref.2000027886) Black series Wine Rose

Blue Oil (ref.2000027884) Black series Blue Marble

Black (ref.2000025252) Black series Black Marble


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