Concord security in all its forms. Here you will find all concord car seats and with them you will have maximum security for your child, a high degree of comfort and ease of use. Concord demands the maximum in quality and safety for the youngest of the house, all under the experience of more than 40 years developing innovative and unique designs. The range of concord products for the car are safe, modern, resistant and of high quality for all age groups and for each regulation. Concord offers the right model for each age, all car seats are adapted both ergonomically and functionally to each of the phases of growth.

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Why buy a CONCORD product?

• Security beyond what is required

• Technology in each component

• Minimalist design

• The highest quality in fabrics.

For a product to be part of the safety family, Concord must comply not only with international safety requirements, but with the additional standards that we demand, something that gives us the fact of having its own test center.

Because it implements technological solutions and latest generation materials and make it durable over time.

Concord offers parents and children unlimited mobility to enjoy the walks with flexibility in all roads and situations, without prejudice to design and quality. Innovative technology and pure designs.