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Cybex Balios S Lux, a perfect stroller, folded with one hand, fully foldable backrest, xxl hood, 4-wheel suspension and possibility of adapting the Cot S and Cocoon S carrycot, plus a Group 0+ car seat Cybex.

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Cybex Balios S Lux Stroller, kilometers of soft and comfortable walks.

An ideal stroller from birth to 4 years, for its maneuverability, maneuverability, ease of folding and because we can configure it as a baby carriage by adding a comfortable carrycot and if we want it more complete even a group 0+ for trips in automobile and adaptable to the Balios S Lux chassis.


What else can we ask for?

 - Fold with one hand.
 - Its backrest reclines to the fully horizontal position, with a simple movement in a smooth and precise way, but also operated with a single hand.
4-wheel independent suspension, for soft and comfortable walks for both the baby or child, as well as for the parents.
All-Terrain and anti-puncture wheels, the tranquility of going for a walk and returning without any setback.
Handlebar adjustable in positions, to adapt it to the height of the potatoes.
XXL hood with sun protection and with mesh insert: Protects the little one of the elements with the XXL extensible hood with UPF50 + sun protection, which has a
Mesh window to facilitate perspiration and optimal air circulation on warm days.

 - Reversible hammock, towards the parents when they are younger and looking at the world when they are older.

Two chassis colors so you can choose one chrome and one in elegant black.

And of course a spacious storage basket with up to 5 kg of cargo, to carry everything you need for the baby and more.
All this we will have in our stroller Balios S Lux.

  Configuration of the Balios S Lux stroller in a baby carriage.
The stroller includes a chassis and reversible hammock, reclining in positions up to fully horizontal and with adjustable footrest, but we can also attach the COT S carrycot and the COCOON S, to turn it into a baby carriage and be able to take it comfortably for a walk, especially in the coldest times of the year.
  - We can also acquire a Group 0+ of the Cybex brand, with which we can take the baby in the car from newborn to 15 months and of course go for a walk by coupling it in the BALIOS S LUX chassis.

Technical information BALIOS S LUX

From birth to 4 years (22kg)
Measures deployed:
Length 900mm / Width 600mm / Height 1100mm
Measures folded with wheels:
Length770mm / Width 600mm / Height 430mm
Weight; 11.7kg


Baby Carriage Balios S 2 in 1


With a convertible seat in CARRYCOT, it becomes a carrycot with a simple change of the soft tissues of the chassis and vice versa when it is needed again as a stroller.
It perfectly guarantees the use from newborn.

The great advantage of this configuration is that in the structure of the stroller, we can configure it in a perfect carrycot so that it can be used from birth, once the baby stops going in the carrycot, we reconfigure the chair structure of reversible ride


Colors of the strollers BALIOS S Lux.

Gray (ref. 520001187) BLK Soho Gray

Pink (ref. 520001185) BLK Magnolia Pink

Black (ref. 520001189) BLK Deep Black

Turquoise Blue (ref. 520001181) BLK River Blue

Blue (ref. 520001179) BLK Navy Blue

Beige (ref. 520002553) BLK Classic Beige

Gray (ref. 520001247) SLV Soho Gray

Pink (ref. 520001245) SLV Magnolia Pink

Black (ref. 520001249) SLV Deep Black

Turquoise Blue (ref. 520001241) SLV River Blue

Blue (ref. 520001289) SLV Navy BLue

Beige (ref. 520002583) SLV Classic Beige


Colors of the Balios S 2 in 1 stroller

Gray (ref. 520001307) 2 in 1 Soho Gray

Pink (ref. 520001305) 2 in 1 Magnolia Pink

Black (ref. 520001309) 2 in 1 Deep Black

Turquoise Blue (ref. 520001301) 2 in 1 River Blue

Blue (ref. 520001299) 2 in 1 Navy Blue

Beige (ref. 520002583) 2 in 1 Classic Beig