Car seat Cybex Gr 2-3 with isofix Solution M Fix SL. From 3 years approx 10-12 years (135-150cm height)

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  Car seat Gr. 2/3 (15 up to 36kg)

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Cybex Car Seat Solution M Fix SL

Car seat Cybex Gr 2-3 with isofix Solution M Fix SL. From 3 years approx 10-12 years (135-150cm height)

Solution M Fix SL stands out for safety and comfort thanks to its connection to the vehicle through the Isofix system, to the protection of late impacts, headrest adjustable in height to adapt it to the growth of the child in up to 12 different positions and also by its ventilation system, which makes it ideal for the hot ones summer days.


Features of the car seat Cybex Solution M Fix SL

• Isofix connectors

This system offers better stability and safety, the chair connectors are anchored in the Isofix car system, in case of side impact they better grip the displacement of the head and neck due to less movement towards the side of the impact.

It can also be used in vehicles without isofix, since its connectors are retractable.

• System L.S.P (Linear protection against lateral impacts)

This system is activated on the side of the chair that is closest to the door and its function is to help absorb the impact energy and actively guide the head towards a
safe position.

• Headrest adjusts in height (12 positions)

This adjustment allows the chair to grow when unisoned by the child, so the head always protects the cabin where the head is.

• Optimized ventilation system

Helps maintain a comfortable body temperature on hot summer days, and consists of a system of internal mesh ventilation channels distributed through the back of the car seat.


Technical data of the Car Seat Cybex Solution M Fix SL

Measurements: Length 420 x Width 540 x Height 630 mm

Weight 5.8kg

Fabrics can be machine washed at 30 ° C.


Colors in which you can have in your home the car seat Cybex Solution M Fix SL

Gray (ref 517001372) Gray Rabbit

Black (ref 517001368) Pure Black

Red (ref 517001374) Rumba Red

Pink (ref 517001376) Purple Rain

Blue (ref 517001370) Blue Moon

Red (ref 519000251) FERRARI Racing Red

Black (ref 519000249) FERRARI Victory Black


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