CYBEX Car Seats

Cybex car seats, marks the three differences: Safety, Design and Functionality. Cybex far from being a conventional brand, is the passion to innovate, to advance, to solve and to share. German manufacturer covers all ages from newborn to 12 years. Its 0+ group car seat result in the most reliable safety tests, but also the most innovative ones such as the CLOUD Q, which besides being a car seat, can also be used as a small carry-cot extended in a walk frame . In the group 0-1 rear-facing car seats, from newborn to 4 years, or after 15 months we can turn it in the direction of the march, Cybex has the Sirona in two versions, one with rotating system 180 and 360 ° and ventral cushion in the direction of travel and another model the Sirona M2 I-size, always with 5-point belts, both in rear-facing and in the direction of travel. The multi-group, Pallas M with ventral cushion includes a base for the car seats to have a reclining movement which is removed when the car seat becomes a 2-3 group. In Group 2-3 the laureate Solution Q3 Fix is ​​a car seat with a heavy-duty upholstery and contemporary colors, with a comfortable and wide seat base, its back tilts in three positions, also includes the innovative resting head system for try to avoid falling head when the child sleeps in the car.

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