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Cybex car seats, i-size regulation, Platinum line. 

Mark the three differences: Security, Design and Functionality. Cybex, far from being a conventional brand, is the passion to innovate, advance, solve and share.

It covers all ages from newborn to 12 years old. Their group 0+ car seats result in the most reliable safety tests, but also the most innovative ones, such as the CLOUD Q, which, in addition to being a car seat, can also be used as a small carrycot extended on a stroller chassis .


Cybex PLATINUM line at the forefront of safety, design and quality.

Cybex shares similar models in two lines, the highest in the PLATINUM range where the latest technologies and qualities are implemented and another called GOLD, where high quality and safety models are also located, but which inherit the innovations of the Platinum line

As novelties in the PLATINUM line, it incorporates the Sirona Q i-Size, and the new Z series, with a very important novelty, since now with the Z series the sirona and the group 0 cloud Q car seats can be used in the same base.

In group 0-1 rear facing car seats, from newborn to 4 years, or from 15 months we can turn it in the direction of travel, Cybex has the Sirona in several versions.

The multigroup, the Pallas M fix car seats with ventral cushion. In group 2-3 the laureate Solution with its latest version Z Fix with a new structure more absorbent of impacts and with a novel internal ventilation system.

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Gr 1-2-3                
149.65 £

Cybex car seats reviews

Our customers are satisfied with the result of the Cybex car seats, the best rated in group 2-3 are the Solution Q3 FIX replaced and improved by the Solution Z FIX model, and the Solution S FIX for its practicality and price. chair with better relation then quality-price. In Group 0-1 our customers are delighted with the ease of installation and safety as well as comfort of SIRONA Q i-Size, being also very well accepted the new chair of Cybex SIRONA S i-Size.
As for the group 0+ the star chair and the best criticism there is the cloud Q this chair with reclining backrest is very well valued, thanks to its multifunctional use, as it serves as a car seat and as a carrycot for the ride in a Cybex chassis.

Cybex Platinum Line

Cybex proposes a line where not only the latest developments and improvements in safety and quality are implemented, but also in design and comfort.


Car seats of the Cybex Platinum line:

SIRONA Zi i-Size, SIRONA Z i-Size, SOLUTION Zi i-Size , CLOUD Z i-Size


Why do car seat experts advise Cybex?

We all agree on something when assessing the car seats manufactured by Cybex, especially in its Platinum line where both SAFETY, DURABILITY and COMFORT as well as DESIGN are the hallmarks and make them the best car seats in the world. market.