Cybex bouncer Lemo. Feed, sleep and balance. Innovative 3 in 1

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Cybex Lemo Bouncer

Cybex bouncer Lemo. Feed, sleep and balance. Innovative 3 in 1

The Lemo bouncer has been designed for the baby's natural self-balancing, perfect for relaxing and sleeping. The beauty of practicality and simplicity come true.
The Lemo bouncer combines functionality and style to create a classic design with a clear message, minimalist aesthetics and functional refinement.
This innovative bouncer has been conceived to be used from birth as an independent bouncer with or without harnesses, but together with the Lemo Chair we can place it
in the base (legs) of trona and we will have the bouncer ready to use it at the height of the table and to be able to give the bottle or its first papillas to the ideal height of the
parents and all together at the family table.

Sole market bouncer model valid from birth to 3 years, approx 15kg.

Features of the Cybex Lemo bouncer

• Adjustable backrest:

The backrest of the bouncer can be adjusted in a reclined position to sleep and another sitting to feed, thus ensuring that the baby feels comfortable.

• Self-Balancing

Take advantage of the movement of the baby to self-balance, has been designed for the natural self-balancing of the baby, perfect for relaxing, sleeping and having fun.

• 3 in 1

bouncer for use with harnesses or without harnesses and also with the base (legs) of the Cybex Lemo highchair.

• Breathable

For hot summer days, you can remove the fabric and place your baby on the 3D mesh that will keep it in an ergonomic and fresh posture.

• Easy to assemble and disassemble.

• Cleaning the bouncer Leño de Cybex

The aluminum structure can be cleaned with a damp cloth and the removable cover can be machine washed at 40º c

• Use bouncer Lemo
With harnesses from birth to 6 months; Approx 9kg. Without harnesses from 6 months to 3 years, 15kg apx.


The Lemo bouncer has two colors in which you can choose for your child.

Pale Beige (ref 518002373) Beige

Storm Gray (ref.518001513) Gray

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