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Carrycots for Mios chassis, the classic full Lux and functional soft carrycot

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Carrycots for Mios chassis, the classic full Lux and functional soft carrycot

Now more than ever you Mios can configure it to your needs, with the Lux carrycot for quiet walks with a breathable foam mattress and covered with fabrics 100% cotton both the mattress and the sides of the carrycot, ensuring maximum comfort and a healthy environment for your baby.

It also has two windows that can be opened and closed individually, providing optimal ventilation especially on hot summer days.

The capazo lux allows us to use it also as a small carrycot for the house, with included hood adjustable in positions, make this carrycot elegant.

The Lite-Cot soft carrycot is placed on the stroller and is used from since newborn and later as an effective windbreak to 9kg apx 6 months.

The Lite cot has a mattress made of high quality breathable foam, with memory and 100% cotton inside the carrycot, thus giving an extraordinary baby comfort


Carrycot Lux features:

Foam mattress 100% cotton fabrics
Two ventilation windows for hot summer days
Allows use as a small carrycot for the house.
Adjustable hood in positions
Great comfort and protection


Carrycot Lite features:

Placement on the chair from newborn.
Does not occupy space when saving it
Use as a carrycot from newborn and later as a windbreak to 9kg apx 6months.
Mattress with memory foam.
Interior 100% cotton


Colors in which you can buy the LUX and LITE baby carrycots for your Cybex Mios baby stroller

LUXURY Carrycot Gray (ref 519002485) Lux Manhattan Gray

LUXURY Carrycot Black (ref 519002433) Lux Premium Black

Carrycot LUX Blue (ref 519002437) Lux Indigo Denim

Carrycot LUX Red (ref.519002439) Lux True Red

LUXURY Pink Carrycot (ref.519002441) Lux Fancy Pink

Carrycot LITE Gray (ref 519002673) Lite Manhattan Gray

LITE Carrycot Black (519002663) Lite Premium Black

Carrycot LITE Blue (ref 519002683) Lite Indigo Blue

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