Cybex Sirona Q i-Size, the German brand goes further with the star chair of its catalog in group 0-1, approved from newborn, even premature, with 360º turn and 180º towards the door to place the child.

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Sirona Q i-Size Car Seat Cybex

The German brand goes further with the star chair of the brand in the 0-1 group.

Cybex launched the Sirona, the first car seat group 0-1 revolving 360º and also turning 180º towards the door, to favor the entry and exit of the child, and for several years it has been the leader in the safety sector of its group.

And now the new Sirona is born with i-Size regulation, with the same characteristics but approved from 45 cm, valid for premature children and up to 105cm, maximum height measurement allowed by regulations.
Both active and passive safety is essential for Cybex and therefore the Sirona i-Size car seat, among other novelties, can not be turned in the rear facing view until the child has reached the minimum height to be able to do so. 75cm
At that time we will hide the belts in a specially designed cabin, and place the ventral cushion which will hold the child in case of sudden braking or accident.


Features of the Sirona Q i-Size car seat

· ECE R-129 homologation from 45cm to 105 cm, max 18 kg

· The headrest is adjustable up to 12 height positions facilitating the correct position of the child and its comfort, also adapting to its growth.

· It has a harness with central adjustment system, for a perfect comfort and safety.

· Reclining function with one hand, adapting it to the ideal rest position and to make a safe trip.

· Anti-tilt bow, is designed for maximum protection in case of rear impact, when the chair is used in the rear facing view

· ONE-CLICK installation with isofix, improves safety and facilitates installation by not requiring a seatbelt.

· Telescopic L.S.P system, maximum protection in side impacts, absorbs the force of a possible collision with the help of the head and shoulders protector.

· Magnetic harness support, facilitates the maneuver of placing and putting the child, by not having the seat belts that bother us.

· 360 ° rotation system, allows easy change of the chair sense, in addition to facilitating the placement and exit of the child from the car seat.

· Adjustable safety cushion, when used in the direction of travel must remove the seat belts and use this restraint system, always use must be as soon as 15 months and 76 cm.


Colors of the Sirona Q i-Size model

Stardust Black (ref. 517000641) Black

Midnight Blue  (ref. 517000645) Navy Blue

Autumn Gold  (ref. 517000649) Red


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