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Latest technological innovations SENSORSAFE acoustic alarm L.S.P of last generation 5% more protection technology reduction of energy in frontal impact direction control that avoids the use in sense of the march before 76cm height.

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Cybex Sirona S i-Size car seat


Cybex Sirona S I-Size Car Seat

The Cybex "S" series also includes a Sirona, is a product line with a narrower side profile and a new improved protection against the side and front impact when going in the front facing mode, this model is the first car seat in the Group 0-1 brand with 360º rotating system that is always used with the seat's 5-point safety belts, does not include the ventral cushion for the direction of travel.

In addition as a novelty includes in its equipment several innovative safety systems, such as steering control that prevents use in the direction of travel before the child is at least 16 months and 76cm tall.

If from this age and height (76cm) you already want to put it in the front facing mode (although it is always advised as it is safer in the opposite direction up to 105cm) Cybex Sirona S i-Size incorporates a novel technological system of reduction of energy, which is activated in the event of a frontal impact and consists of the headrest sliding downward, progressively limiting the exposure of the neck to the forces of impact, subsequently blocking its position.


SENSORSAFE series, you can choose to have your chair carry this new system or not.

It is placed at the height of the child's chest and warns that there is a child in the car connecting to our mobile through an application, in this way, we try
End the tragic cases of forgetting children in the car. During the journey it indicates whether the child's safety belt has been opened or lowered, if the temperature is too high or too low, or if the child has been too long in his car seat, the sensor works in connection with the on-board system of the vehicle through the OBD port and has a battery that lasts throughout the period of use of the car seat.

Characteristics of Cybex SENSORSAFE

1- Control of safety harness

2- Inadequate temperature notification

3- Notification when leaving the child alone in the car. (The sensorsafe will send notifications to the mobile, if you wish you can also inform about the location of the vehicle or the emergency contacts)

4- Installation Checklist

5- Rest notification.

Characteristics of the Cybex Sirona S i-Size chair.

• 360º rotation for easy entry, makes easier the entry and exit of the child from the car seat as we can turn it towards the door.
• In the rear facing view until 105cm apx 4 years.
• i-Size Regulation
• Energy reduction technology (ER-Tech) in the front facing (from 16 months and 76cm apx) Reduces forces on the neck by approximately 20% during a frontal crash.
• Last generation lateral protection system L.S.P, now adsorbs 5% more and reaches up to 25% in the energy reduction of a lateral impact.
• Adjustable height headrest
• Reducer for newborns.
• Removable and machine washable fabrics at 30º c
• Reclining function with one hand, easily adjusts to the desired position in 5 positions when the chair goes in the opposite direction to the march and in 3 positions when we carry it in the direction of travel.


Measurements, weight and homologation of the Sirona S i-Size car seat by Cybex

Length 700 / height 430 / height 635 mm
Weight: 15kg
ECE R-129 homologation (first phase i-Size)


Colors in which it is made and you can buy the Cybex sirona S i-Size car seat.

Black (ref. 519000981) Urban Black

Gray (ref.520000511) Soho Gray

Charcoal gray (ref.520000505)

Navy blue (ref.520000499) Navy Blue

Turquoise blue (ref. 520000501) River Blue

Black (ref. 520000513) Deep Black

Orange Fire (ref.520000507) Autumn Gold

Beige (ref. 520002521) Classic Beige

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