Cybex Solution S i-Fix with i-Size regulations with side impact protection system, headrest reclining in 3 positions and adjustable in height up to 12. Housing with energy-absorbing structure.

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  I-SIZE regulations

  Car seat Gr. 2/3 (15 up to 36kg)

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Cybex Solution S i-Fix car seat, with i-Size regulations

The solution S i-Fix adapts to the continuous growth of the child as it grows with it up to 150cm in height approximately 10-12 years of age.
 Cybex solution S i-Fix has been approved under safety regulations UN R129 / 03 which includes more selective and demanding tests against side impacts, the Solution S i-Fix car seat in combination with the energy-absorbing structure of its casing and the integrated L.S.P side protection system reduces forces by up to 25% in case of lateral collision.

 In addition to its patented reclining headrest, it helps prevent when the child falls asleep in his chair, the head wins forward, in this way it helps the head
remain in the safety zone (ie inside the head) which is very important in case of an eventual lateral impact.

 The adjustable headrest in 12 height positions guarantees a comfortable trip since it fits perfectly to the child's height, its adjustment is quick and easy.
All this makes this chair model pass the homologation tests of the i-Size regulations sufficiently.

Main features of the Cybex Solution S i-Fix car seat

 • Patented reclining headrest.
Adjustable head in three recline positions to help the head remain within the safety zone in case of lateral collision, in addition to providing
greater comfort when the child falls asleep on trips.
• Integrated L.S.P system.
Integrated protection system that can be activated on the side of the door, which together with the adjustable headrest and the energy-absorbing structure of the chair achieves a reduction
of lateral impact forces of up to 25%.
• Adjustable headrest in 12 height positions.
The adjustable headrest allows the car seat to grow with the child and offer a long service life, the adjustment operations are carried out with one hand and
Easy, fast and simple way.

Additional features of the Cybex Solution S i-Fix car seat

• Air ventilation system: Designed to try to maintain an optimum temperature on the hottest days, thanks to its internal air circulation ducts.
• Isofix connectors: It facilitates the installation and greater stability of the chair, adding extra security and comfort. This chair model can also be placed
in a vehicle without isofix.
• Reclining backrest: To adjust the back of the car seat to the back of the vehicle seat.
• Energy absorbing structure; Absorbs impact forces and distributes them, away from the child.

Colors of Cybex Solution S i-Fix car seats.

Gray (ref. 520002420) Soho Gray

Orange Fire (ref. 520002418) Autumn Gold

Beige (ref. 520002536) Classic Beig

Marengo Gray (ref. 520002422) Granite Black

Black (ref. 520002424) Deep Black

Navy Blue (ref. 520002410) Navy Blue

Turquoise Blue (ref. 520002412) River Blue

Pink (ref. 520002416) Magnolia Pink


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