Car Seat Solution Z Fix Cybex Platinum line, the group 2-3 improved and technologically advanced Cybex. Cybex for escuderia Ferrari.

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Cybex for escuderia Ferrari. The two brands collaborate in the realization of two new colors in the solution z fix mitic car seat from the Italian firm of Manarello. You can see them and buy them here with the Cybex-Ferrari warranty.


Car Seat Solution Z Fix Cybex Platinum line, the group 2-3 improved and technologically advanced Cybex.

Cybex brand German manufacturer of child restraint systems, launches the latest evolution of car seats in group 2-3 for children from 105cm to 150cm in height, is a chair that is designed to suit the growth of the child, since it is optimized to do it both in height and in width with an automatic adjustment, regulating at the appropriate height the passage of the seat belt of the vehicle, performing it with one hand easily and quickly.

It includes the elements already known in safety of the brand such as the reclining headrest to try to prevent the head from tilting forward and the LSP lateral impact protection system of last generation, these elements together with the new structure absorbs-energy of the chair Solution Z Fix, they facilitate that the forces of lateral impact in a collision are reduced up to 25%, also actively guiding the child's head to a safe position, thanks to the Cybex safety side pads, the backrest is reclining and fits perfectly to the angle of the car's rear seat, all this makes the Solution Z Fix the perfect combination of safety and comfort.

The Z Fix solution includes in its complete kit an internal air ventilation system that helps it to be more comfortable especially on the hottest days.


Features of the Solution Z Fix car seat the safest seat in the group 2-3 manufactured by Cybex.

• Cybex safety pads that actively guide the head to a safer position during an accident.

• Reclining backrest adjusts perfectly to any vehicle

• Absorbing structure of energy, absorbs the forces of an impact and away from the child.

• New ventilation and ventilation system for the hottest days

• Improved lateral impact protection system L.S.P

• Reclining headrest in positions to help prevent the head from falling forward.

• Automatic height and width adjustment.


Measurements and weight of the Cybex Solution Z Fix chair.

Length 405mm / width 530mm / height 625mm

Weight: 7.2kg

Removable and washable garment in cold water (30º)



Colors in which you can buy the safe Car Seat Solution Z Fix from Cybex

Orange (ref.518000836) Autumn Gold

Beige (ref.518000830) Cashmere Beige

Gray (ref.518000834) Manhattan Grey

Blue (ref.518000832) Midnight Blue

Rose (ref.518000838) Passion Pink

Black (ref.518000828) Stardust Black



Colors in which you can buy your Cybex Solution Z fix car seat with colors from the Italian Ferrari team.


Black (ref. 519000025) Ferrari Victory Black

Grey (ref. 519000029) Ferrari Silver Grey



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