Cybex Stroller

Cybex strollers, comfort and quality at the highest level. Stroller designed to last, but taking your children with comfort for them and the dads, various configurable models to adapt to the needs of daily use.

Strollers designed for parents who want everything in one, comfort, practicality, lightness, manageability, functionality, mobility, design and robustness, all this is called Cybex. Cybex breaks the molds of the known until now in the ride, the German brand sells configurable strollers, to be able to use them as a baby stroller also adapting carry-ons and group 0+ chairs.

As strollers, most models are reversible facing parents or the world when they get older, extendable hoods, removable wheels, simultaneous brakes, handlebars attached to handle with one hand and a smooth driving.

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