Convy Fix car seat safety up to 25kg. From newborn to countermarch up to 18kg, and in the direction of travel, up to 25kg. Reduces the forces on frontal impact by 25% in the direction of travel.

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  Car seat Gr. 0+/1/2

GB Convy-Fix ​​car seat travel safety up to 25kg.

Convy-Fix ​​approved for use from newborn to 25kg, Groups 0 + / 1/2.
We can use the Convy-Fix, from birth to reverse, up to 4 years (18kg of weight) and from this age we can put it in the direction of travel until the
25kg weight

We must choose the right chair for our child, here you can see, find and buy the Convy-Fix, if you want to use your chair as long as possible with the
maximum safety, in the opposite direction to the march from birth to 18kg and then in the direction of the march to 25kg. But also including novelties
technological systems to reduce the impact forces in case of an accident.

 Convy Fix of GB, this chair model equips a new technology of GB, with the energy reduction system in case of sudden braking or accident (ER + Tech), thanks to the seat belts of the chair reduces the impact forces in the neck area. While the side impact protection (LSP) system ensures a
maximum protection in case of side impact.
It has comfortable reclining positions both in reverse and in the direction of travel, easy to adjust to add comfort to the child.

Features of the GB Convy-Fix ​​car seat.

 - Energy reduction technology (ER-TECH)
When we use the chair in the direction of travel, this technology reduces energy in case of sudden braking or impact by up to 20% frontal limiting exposure
from the neck to the reduction forces helping to limit the risk of injury.

- Group car seat 0 + / 1/2
From birth to counterdrive, until 4years (18kg) mandatory use in countermarch until 15 months. From 18kg we must place it in the direction of the
march and we can use it up to 25kg.

 - Side impact protection system
L.S.P system of Gb that protects in case of lateral impact. It is a system already known in all the chairs of the brand.

- Retention control system
This system ensures that appropriate retention is used for the child's size. As your weight increases and the head restraint is adjusted to the child's height, the system Retention control will ensure that you change the 5-point harness for the 3-point seat belt of the vehicle.

- Easy recline function.
Smart recline function that allows you to recline in up to 6 positions with one hand, to provide maximum comfort to the child and ease of use for
parents. This recline is for both directions of the march.

- Structure absorbs energy
Thanks to its materials and structure, it helps in the event of a collision to absorb energy in its housing, thereby diluting part of the impact forces.

 - Newborn Reducer
Integrated into the chair a reducer up to 3 months (60cm high) facilitates an ergonomic and comfortable position for the child, helping him to be in the most stretched position possible and in this way avoiding postural asphyxia.

 - Visual indicators of correct installation
Both the isofix and the support leg have visual indicators to validate the correct installation and avoid possible misuse.

Product information
Measurements; Length 720 mm
                                 Width 440 mm
                                 Height 640 mm
  Weight; 14.5kg
Machine washable fabrics in 30º cold water

Colors of the Gb Convy Fix car seats.

Gray (ref. 619000279) London Gray

Turquoise Blue (ref. 619000271) Laguna Blue

Navy Blue (ref. 619000277) Night Blue

Orange (ref. 619000275) Rose Red

Pink (ref. 619000273) Sweet Pink

Black (ref. 619000281) Velvet Black


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