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GB (GoodBaby) car seats

GB (GoodBaby) invites you to a very special trip to the future a "perfect future" perfectly aligned with the brand's commitment to "never look back". GoodBaby develops a style through its products, the perfect symbiosis between the world of fashion, design, and security incorporates the latest alternative technologies to an iconic design, not accepting any limitation to safety.


Car seat Group 0+ IDAM

The brand covers with its catalog all the range of ages and heights of children, from newborn to 10-12 years (135-150cm of height) but with maximum safety, since from newborn their chairs are countermarked as the IDAN approved from birth to 15 months apx, approved also can be used in the chassis of Cybex PRIAM and MIOS for the ride.


Car seat group 0-1 VAYA

In the next step we find the VAYA a versatile and very safe car seat, from newborns up to 105cm tall as it complies with the i-size regulation, this car seat model can go in the rear facing view until the end of its use, or from 76cm in height we can put it in the facing view, has a system that prevents turning it in the direction of travel. Before the child acquires in height 76cm.


Car seat GB ELIAN

In group 2-3 the last of the children's development is an evolutionary car seat that grows in height with the child, incorporating a system of lateral impacts and an internal ventilation system for the warmer days.

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