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GB Vaya I-Size Car Seat

Car seat GB Go i-Size, safety meets comfort.

GB is a German brand of premium character in car seats, strollers and pushchairs. The brand incorporates the motto "Future Perfect" into its design philosophy, including the latest

standards of security and technology, as well as ease of use, being very intuitive for parents and comfortable for children, the brand unites security with comfort.

The Vaya i-Size car seat group 0-1 can rotate 360º, simplifying the process of changing the direction of the chair forward or backward. This rotation system facilitates the entry and

exit from the child's vehicle, as it rotates 180º towards the car door, making it more comfortable for the parents avoiding back pain, and also promotes the child's freedom and independence.

The innovative design offers children a pleasant journey from newborns, up to 105cm. (Approximately 4 years), the larger children are left with enough legroom for greater comfort.

Car seat Gr. 0-1 from newborns up to 105cm height, from 76cm approx 15 months can be used in the direction of travel.

The Vaya Car Seat by GB incorporates a direction control system, which is that it is not possible to place the child in front facing until it reaches the minimum height of 76 cm this is achieved with the height adjustment of the head that adapts the height of the seat belts to the growth of the child.

Equipped with a structure that absorbs energy and impact forces to protect the baby, in addition to a progressive release to accompany the child's body in case of impact, thus reducing forces on the neck of the child to avoid cervical lesions as much as possible .



360º rotation

The 360º rotation system facilitates the entry and exit of the vehicle since the chair can be turned towards the car door.


Address control

The steering control prevents installation in a favorable direction before 15 months of age and 76cm in height.


Linear protection against integrated side impacts.

Whether going in the opposite direction or favorable to the march Vaya i-Size is equipped with a linear protection system for lateral impacts (L.S.P), reduces the force of impact.


Equipped with a structure that absorbs energy.

Absorbs the forces of an impact and thus protects the baby more.


Installation one-clik isofix

The one-handed recline system offers maximum comfort and a rest position on long trips.

5 reclined positions in the opposite direction

3 recline positions in the direction favorable to the march.


Backrest adjustable in 12 positions

Adjustable headrest in 12 positions with integrated harness guides.


Magnetic clips for harness.

Buckling the child in the seat is easier, the magnetic clips keep the harnesses out of the child's space.


Colors of model Vaya i-Size


SILVER FOX GREY (ref. 617000209) Grey

SATIN BLACK (ref. 618000079) Black

SAPPHIER BLUE (ref. 618000083) Blue oil

LUX BLACK (ref. 617000209) Black Grey

CHERRY RED (ref. 618000081) Red

LAGUNA BLUE (ref. 618000085) Green


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