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Gift card

If you want to make a gift, but you are not sure what you really need or what colour the parents might like, we make it easy for you, with the gift card.
This way the parents will buy what they need in the colour they like and when they need to use it.

How does the gift card work?

It is very simple and intuitive, you only have to follow the following steps:
1) SELECT THE AMOUNT OF THE GIFT: Each card has a price of 1€, therefore you must select as many as the amount you want to give (e.g. If you want to give 50€ you will have to select 50 cards) Once you have selected the amount you want to give, you must fill in the rest of the card with:

2) - In the SENDING DETAILS section: The first section is filled in with the name of the recipient of the GIFT (e.g. José López) and in the second section the e-mail address.

3) E-mail of the recipient of the GIFT so that he/she can receive it and know where he/she can make the purchase and who will give him/her the gift.

4) FILL IN THE GIFT CARD: In the first section that says TO, we must indicate the name of the person to whom the gift will be given, (e.g. José López). 
the son/daughter, or the parents).

5) In the second section we fill in the name of the person or persons making the GIFT (e.g. your work colleagues).

6) And finally in the section PERSONAL MESSAGE, (optional) you can fill in a nice message for the recipient(s) of the GIFT.

7) Fill in the billing details (as if it were a normal order with the details of the person who wants to make the GIFT) and proceed to select the payment method, pay and finalize the order.
finalise the order.

Once the order has been completed (GIFT CARD), the person making the gift will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order with a copy of the gift card.
In addition, the person to whom the gift is addressed will also receive the gift card by e-mail. And subsequently Sillasauto will send them a code so that they can
the purchase or successive purchases can be deducted from the order to complete the total amount of the gift.

NOTE: The amount of the gift card does not have to be used in the same order, it can be spent on several orders.

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