Multigroup Jane car seat from newborn even for premature babies 40cm up to 135-150cm in height approximately 10-12 years, a single chair from the beginning. Groowy by Jane Gr 0 + / 1/2/3.

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Jane's Groowy car seat with Gr 0 Nest.

What makes the Jane Groowy car seat different from other models on the market?

Jane Groowy is 3 car seats in one and each seat, each different configuration has achieved the i-Size standard separately.

The Group 0 Nest, the 60cm to 105cm Group 1 configuration and finally the Group 2-3 configuration from approximately 100 to 150cm in height are the elements of a single car seat, but are actually three different car seats.

With an i-Size Conect system, from the 40cm to 150cm height, an integral car seat, which includes a group 0 system that can be adapted to ride cars
the Jane brand.
Jane's Groowy is installed upstream to 105cm in height thanks to its i-Size regulations, with the Nest baby carrier that we will use up to 65cm in height.
Maximum security up to 150cm high. Travel up to 105cm tall against the rear.
The baby travels safer against the counter in the event of an accident the impact forces are absorbed by the back of the chair avoiding exposure of the head and the neck to these forces.
The intelligent element of this set of chairs is the NEST baby carrier. This baby carrier with i-Size regulations, and used in conjunction with the Groowy car seat, is adapts to the newborn up to 65 cm high, thanks to its angle of repose the baby is always practically stretched minimizing the risk of postural asphyxiation (oxygen saturation, bradycardia and hypoxia) is ideal especially for premature babies.

The innovative design of the Nest baby carrier provides the baby with an optimal and safe position both for traveling in the car and for strolling in the stroller.
In addition, this baby carrier can be placed thanks to its Pro-Fix anchor system in all Jane's strollers.

An intelligent solution is the purchase of Jane's Groowy chair with a Jane chassis because that is how we have it all.
1- Group car seat 0, from birth to 65cm
2- Group car seat 0-1 up to 105cm and group car chair 2-3 up to 150cm high
3- Stroller with a Jane chassis, Nest baby carrier and if we want a Jane carrycot, we complete everything necessary from birth to
10-12 years, for rides and trips in the car.
Jane always at the forefront of technique and innovation.

Technical characteristics of the Jane Groowy car seat:
Measures: 70 x 44 x 65cm
Weight: 15kg
Breathable, removable and washable fabrics in cold water and in a washing machine.
Placement in the vehicle with an isofix anchor system, and support leg up to 105 cm as group 0-1. It includes a reversible reducer.
180º and 90º turn system towards the door to place and remove the child comfortably
Side impact protection
Proper installation indicator
Head adjustment in positions for group 2-3, in this group the child is secured with the 3-point belt of the vehicle with height regulator to adapt it to the
Child growth, the chair installed in the vehicle with isofix system, although in this group it can also be installed in vehicles without isofix.


Car seat configuration as Gr 2-3.

Colored Groowy jane car seats.

Black (ref. 4503 U50) MATT BLACK     

Grey (ref. 4503 U51 ) MARS GRAY    

Red (ref. 4503 U52) SPARK RED 

Blue (ref. 4503 U53) LAZULI BLUE   

Brown (ref. 4503 U54) DARK OAK 

Green (ref. 4503 U55) DARK GRASS