Group 1-2 car seats

Car seats for young children of group 1-2

From 6 months to 25kg, rear facing view, maximum protection for longer.
-    Group car seats (1-2) WITHOUT Isofix
-    Group car seats (1-2) WITH Isofix
Group 1-2 Without Isofix; rear facing from 6 months to 25kg approximately 5-6 years, security as long as possible. They are installed in the car with the vehicle belts and support leg. Most of these car seats have the Plus Test standard

.Group 1-2 With isofix;rear facing view with isofix installation and support leg, in some models we can even turn the car seat in the direction of travel after 15 months.

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Why buy a group 1-2 rear facing car seats?

We know that taking a small child rear facing is up to five times safer, therefore being able to take it as long as possible in the rear facing gives us that extra safety in traveling, in addition this type of car seats are designed to that children travel safe and comfortable.


Can I install a Gr. 1-2 car seat in my car?

The car seats of group 1-2 occupy a greater space when going rear facing view, and not in all the cars we can place them, for this the brands have a list of approved vehicles for their installation, this list shows you can check on our website, in the product sheet of the car seat group 1-2 that you select, if your vehicle appears in the list there is no problem in its installation, if it does not appear we should look for another one that does, and if there were none we should change the type of car seats.



If we have a vehicle approved for the installation of a group 1-2 car seat, it is the safest option for the small child, although we must take into account that this group, mostly the car seatsthat compose it, are not approved since birth and we must have covered this period from birth to 6 months with some type of car seats that starts in the group 0+.