Home security

Security in the home.

It is a sensitive and delicate issue, the home is one of the vital spaces of the human being, in a home the most intimate and personal bonds are forged, it contains the beings we love the most and wish to protect.

The prevention of childhood accidents should always be available to families. For a child to develop healthily and happily, he or she must have a safe environment that allows him or her to experience the pleasure of exploring and developing.

All the necessary precautions must therefore be taken to ensure that this place is safe. 

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BabyDan safety kit



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Child safety tips for children at home

- Never leave them alone and have surveillance elements available.
- Be careful with toys, not all of them are homologated and we should always check what age they are designed for.
- Protect electrical sockets.
- Make sure that they do not get close to elements that can burn them, such as cookers.
- Keep dangerous products in a safe place, especially out of their field of action.
- Protect access to stairs.

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