Joie i-Venture car seat with i-Size regulations, from birth to 105cm high, under reverse, can also be carried if desired in the direction of travel from 76cm.

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Joie i-Venture car seat with countermarch from birth to 105cm height with i-Size regulations

 The i-Venture car seat includes the i-Advance base (isofix) included in the price.
i-Venture de Joie can optionally be installed in favor of gait from 76cm high, although it is highly recommended to always use it in reverse, since
which is safer up to 5 times more.

Joie includes in this model the well-known and exclusive head of the brand "Tri-Protect" with three layers of active safety and patented foam "Intelli-Fit" getting this form an excellent protection in lateral impacts, in addition to an activatable side impact protection system, according to the side on which we place the chair in the car.

The headrest of the i-Venture is able to adjust up to 8 different positions "Grow Together", simultaneously adjusting the harness without repositioning them,
It also has up to 7 reclining chair positions, thus increasing the degree of safety and comfort.
“Grow-with-me” Head and body reducer with three pieces capable of adapting to all ages.

Features of the Joie i-Venture car seat.
• Unlock for change of direction with a simple button
• Easy installation with Isofix connectors
• Internal structure of reinforced steel.
• Easily removable and washable garment.
• Ventilation in the back of the car seat.
• Rollover arch incorporated into the base.

Technical Specifications of the car seat
Measurements; 68.6 x width x 56.0 x height 119.2-130.6cm
Chair weight; 6.74kg
Core weight; 7.53kg
Product use; 40cm-105cm from birth to 105cm height in reverse, it can optionally be placed in the direction of travel from 76cm to 105cm
Tall. A CONTRAMARCHA always safer up to 5 TIMES MORE.

Joie FLEXIBILITY modular system configuration.
Together with the advance base and the i-Snug baby carrier, we will have the Modular Joie system, on the base we can place the Gr0 + i-Snug chair.

Available colors of the car seat and base included in the Joie i-Venture price.

Gray (part C1413CADPW000) Dark Pewter

Light Green (ref.C1413CALRL000) Laurel

Navy blue (ref. C1413CADSE000) Deep Sea

Black (ref. C1413CAEMB000) Ember

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