Jané car seats, spanish manufacturer of baby products, worldwide known.

Jane has a wide range of high-quality car seats. Carrying children in the car in the rear facing view is 73% safer and that is why Jane has in her catalog the Gravity chair, one of the best on the market that we can use from newborn to 105cm apx 4 years.

In the group 2-3 has two models of car seats, the Montecarlo R1 Isofix this model that has been manufactured for more than 10 years with the consequent improvements through the different approvals has the peculiarity that we can regulate both the width of the backrest as the head adapting it to the child's size, something that is unique in the market. The Quarz isofix model, also in group 2-3, is a very immersive avant-garde chair with great results in the lateral impact safety tests.

Finally in the group 1-2-3 the Grand model is an evolutionary car seat usable from 9 months apx 10kg to 36 kg, apx 10-12 years of age. Jane security, trust, design and quality. At algateckids.com you will find them with the guarantee of being official distributors.

Jané also has an extensive catalog of strollers, baby strollers and childcare for the home, such as high chairs, hammocks, park cots, all designed and thought to make everyday life easier for parents and babies.

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Security and design are the hallmarks of the Spanish Jane brand.

Why buy Jane products?

Because in the world Jané you will find everything you need for your baby, for more than 80 years the new generations have enjoyed and lived their first days with Jané products, the experience is a value of the brand.
Jané is a brand internationally considered as a leader in design, manufacturing and security for the youngest of the house, but also thinking about the tastes and needs of the potatoes.
Jane is a brand specialist in families and an expert in babies, creating a wonderful world where babies and families live an unforgettable phase of their lives.

At algateckids.com you will find them with the guarantee of being official distributors.