Car seat Jane Group 0-1 model Gravity, is an i-Size car seat and 360 degrees rotation and 180 degrees to the door of the vehicle, for greater comfort and safety when putting and removing the child from the chair.

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Jané Gravity Car Seat

Car seat Jané Group 0-1 Gravity

Jané is a company specialized in families and an expert in babies for more than 80 years, and now she puts all her experience and good know-how to present us in her catalog the group 0-1 Gravity car seat.

It is a car seat with i-Size regulation, and rotation 360 degrees in both rear and front facing, for an easy placement of the child in this car seat, this option considerably increases safety and comfort by correctly adjusting the safety harness thanks to the turn 180 degrees and the ease of placing it and remove it from the car seat.

The i-Size regulation tells us that we must use this car seat in the rear facing until 15 months minimum, from this age we can turn it if we want it in the rear facing view, something that is not advisable since the sense the opposite is up to 73% safer, and this car seat is prepared to be used in this opposite direction up to 104cm in height approximately 4 years.

Jane uses a high quality material, both in the chassis and in the upholstery that are easily removable to wash them in cold water (30º).



· 360º rotation in both directions of the march.

· Adjustable headrest in 5 positions, operable even with the baby in the chair.

· Facing the march from 15 months to 104cm, although we recommend delaying this option as much as possible.

· Back to the march of 40 to 104cm apx 4 years.

· Reducer 40 to 60cm (baby) included

· Integrated harness and head that adjust synchronously.

· Integrated 5-point harness that distributes the loads in the event of an accident.

· For babies from birth to 60cm incorporates a reducer that corrects the angle of the back.

· Isofix + anti-rotation leg, it is the safest system of installation since it avoids any assembly error that would affect the security

· Reclining function with one hand. 4 positions in both facing views, with the tilt adjustment we can find the most comfortable and correct position for the child.

· Incorporates a system of air circulation for greater comfort, and perspiration.

· Upholstery that repel water, are breathable and stain-resistant with great durability.


You can select between several colors.

S45 SOIL (ref 4579S45) Gray

S53 RED (ref.4579S53) Red

T31 SOIL (ref 4579T31) Blue

T34 JET BLACK (ref 4579T34) Black

S49 BLACK (ref 4579S49) Black