Car seats Joie. It is a brand that develops child safety seats (SRI) of very high quality.

Joie uses only the highest quality materials and submits each product to the most extreme and rigorous tests. It has its own train of tests.


Why choose JOIE car seats?

Joie is a specialist in the manufacture of multi-group car seats. Develops a unique CAR CHAIR on the market in two versions with isofix and without isofix LA EVERY STAGE that is used from newborn until 10-12 years of age, with this chair we can cover all stages of child growth. The entire catalog of car seats starts in group 0. Having a variety of solutions for all the potatoes presents versions with and without isofix. Joie spin is the group 0-1 chair that rotates 360 and 180 degrees, can turn towards the car door to place the child with the least effort and is used from newborn to 4 years. Joie i-anchor chair also validates from newborn to four years old, but with i-Size regulations. The Joie STAGES car seat is a car seat for those parents who want to take their child as long as possible with the safety harnesses of 5 points of the chair before passing them to a group 2-3 chair, since the Joie stages is approved up to 25kg. And finally the group 2-3 with system of protection of lateral impacts.

Joie specialist in multi-group car seats.

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