The Kiddy EVOLUNA i-Size 2 car seat is the only one with a reclining function both when it is in the stroller and in the car, it is also adaptable to many cars for the ride of the baby.

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Kiddy EVOLUNA I-Size 2 car seat with recline function.

Baby carry coat with i-Size regulation with reclining function both when riding in the stroller, and to carry it in the car.

The Evoluna i-Size 2 car seat complies with the ECE-R129 standard in its i-Size section, and has been subjected to the strictest and strictest frontal, rear and lateral impact tests as well as rollover situations. Obtaining the last ADAC test a score of 1.7 proclaiming itself winner among a total of 23 car seats evaluated.

Evoluna i-Size 2 includes isofix base which is easily anchilled with a single click, making a safety element in the rear facing. Its interior size and thanks also to the reclining function.

Thanks to the generous size and the reclined position, as well as the personalized adjustment to the size of the baby, it is an alternative to use them as a carrycot for the ride, being able to be placed not only in the KIDDY chassis but also in numerous chassis of baby strollers, ( LIST OF COMPATIBLE BABY CARS).

The purchase of the baby carrier EVOLUNA i-Size 2 allows us to have a very safe, practical and manageable car seat and a baby carrier for walks in the city or the countryside, thanks to its reclining system.

Why is the exclusive reclining system of the Evoluna i-Size 2 car seat safe and comfortable?

It is a technology created and patented by Kiddy developed together with pediatricians to adapt to the needs of newborns as well as premature babies.
During journeys in the car or daily walk, when the baby falls asleep in a reclined position, the head can easily lean forward, which could lead to respiratory problems, decreasing the oxygen saturation in the blood, with the EVOLUNA i- Size 2 can be prevented with this recline function.
Inside, it also develops cutting-edge technology with a sheet base that absorbs energy both in the event of a collision and when walking on irregular pads protecting the spine.


Features of the KIDDY EVOLUNA i-Size 2 buggy.

• Optimized lateral protection with two impact points and highly optimized housing for high energy absorption

• Adjustment to the size of the baby, thanks to its newborn reducers and adjustable harness up to 5 positions.

• Large hood and adjustable in ideal positions for walks and also for car trips.

· Exclusive function of reclining adjustment, to obtain a greater comfort having the same security.

• Perfect fit with a single click without errors in the isofix base INCLUDED, with green indicators of a correct installation, its isofix allows you to adjust the car seat to one side or the other so that more space can be left in the center of the vehicle if we take two children.


Choose the color that you like and combine, you just have to choose it, do not worry about it, we'll take it to your home.

Red (ref 41942EL126) Chilli Red

Blue (ref 41942EL121) Summer Blue

Gray (ref.41942EL125) Polar Gray

Rose (ref 41942EL120) Berry Pink

Green (ref.41942EL127) Spring Green

Deep Sea Green (ref 41942EL199) Green

Gray (ref 41942EL193) Moon Gray

Black (ref 41942EL191) Midnight Black

Blue (ref 41942EL197) Sky Blue

Rose (ref 41942EL189) Rubin Pink

Red (ref 41942EL194) Candy Red

Green (ref 41942EL190) Lizard Green

Blue (ref 41920EV192) Indigo Blue


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