Lightweight Strollers

The most practical and foldable.

The lightweight strollers are characterized by their low weight and the little space they occupy once folded, in addition to their ease of folding and unfolding makes them practical, all with different characteristics, but a common resistance to use.


Main features of lightweight strollers.
         -    Closed handlebar     -   Open handlebar   

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Easylife 2 / Easylife ELITE 2                                                
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What handlebar to choose? Opened or closed?

Usually it always depends on the taste of the parents, but there is a difference, the closed handlebar allows you to drive the stroller with one hand and rest more comfortably when walking, the folding system is book type, the cane handlebar or open does not allow us to drive it with one hand and its folding is more elongated.Once folded open handlebars and closed handlebars occupy a very similar volume, the only thing in a different way.


How to keep my son's stroller?

The strollers are every day on the street in extreme conditions, rain, sun, dust, etc., and we must have a maintenance, this will make the stroller last longer and avoid possible breakage. It is advisable every 2 or 3 months to put on the axles of the wheels some oil or liquid silicone, even products for cleaning the dust that are viscous with which it greases and also repels the dust. It should also be put on all moving parts (they are those that suffer movement in the folds and deployed.). It is also advisable to perform a cleaning with pressurized water before greasing, in this way we remove pebbles, mud and dust that may be embedded by the moving parts of the stroller.