Maclaren pushchair .

Parents need a pushchair that is above all robust, with a durable and resistant structure, without forgetting the design.

Going for a walk has to be a relaxing action where both parents and the child can enjoy.
An exit to the street, whether it is compulsory such as going to shopping or to the doctor, such as family leisure breaks on weekends, holidays, etc., for this you need a pushchair , lightweight, easy to fold and deploy and fit in the trunk of the car, that is light when it comes to carrying it, but that our son can go comfortable, with some belts and a harness easy to adjust and undo, with backup positions for when It sleeps us, with a large expandable hood to protect it from the sun.

Why buy a Maclaren pushchair?
Because Maclaren has a wide catalog with different models of pushchair suited to different needs, here you can see them all with their colors and choose the one that best suits your needs, with the Maclaren guarantee.

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Maclaren strollers.

Maclaren has different models of strollers, to adapt it to the needs of each parent, from which they can be used from newborn as the models Maclaren XT or Maclaren XLR to which we can also add a soft carrycot, to the The most sold of the collection for its versatility as the Maclaren Quest or Maclaren Triumph, also has the strollers for older children and twins such as Twin Techno or Twin Triumph.


Common characteristics of Maclaren strollers

The Maclaren strollers in all its models the structure is made of high performance aluminum used in aviation, are easy to fold and unfold and also now you can change any element of the chair, in this way each maclaren chair can reach be eternal


Reviews of customers who bought Maclaren strollers.

We receive mails from our customers praising the Maclaren strollers, a very common opinion among users is the lightness and maneuverability of the chairs, as well as the resistance to wear, there are also customers who value the comfort with which their children enjoy walks , although one stands out above all. A Sevillian mother told us that she was the envy of the rest of the mothers of her daughter's nursery, and that she had convinced them all by letting them try their maclaren so that they could also buy it, and it was like that in that daycare almost all the children carry maclaren chairs sent from our warehouses.


What model do I choose Maclaren stroller?
Maclaren QUEST
Maclaren TRIUMPH
Maclaren TECHNO XT
Maclaren XLR
Maclaren MARK II


Why choose a Maclaren QUEST stroller?

This chair model is the most sold of the brand, it is the most versatile easy to handle and with its new design is the best valued by users, now with a larger and taller basket, the child is also higher, with The biggest hood of the market thanks to its extension.


Why choose a Maclaren TECHNO XT stroller?

Because we can use it from birth, able to go by any road either city or field, roads or mountain, with its wheels able to overcome any obstacle.


Why choose a Maclaren TECHNO XLR stroller?

Because it is Maclaren's first stroller with a united handlebar, it is the highest of the brand's range, capable of transporting a newborn baby with its rigid back to which we can apply a soft carrycot, it is also the most equipped of the range includes a reducer for newborns up to 4 months, and also a foot cover for the cool days of autumn and winter. It incorporates the new Maclaren technology with the Newborn Safety System, which creates a totally flat space for your comfort.


Why choose the best TWIN TECHNO twin stroller?

For its high performance, style, comfort and equipment, capable of supporting up to 15kg for each fully reclining seat, externally is the narrowest stroller on the market, but with plenty of interior space to comfortably carry two children.
Includes independent and extensible water resistant canopies with 50+ sunscreen and built-in visor, storage pocket on the back of each chair, easy to disassemble to clean, foot covers for each chair.
Optionally you can put two carry-ons on top of each stroller, to take children from newborns.