The lightest and sportiest and fully functional solution. With the purchase of your Maclaren stroller

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  Removable and han- washable vestments

  Removable wheels

  High performance aluminum chassis

  Five points optimized buckle

  Extensible hood and sun visor

  Waterproof hood

  UPF+50 Sunlight protection

  Simultaneous brake foot activated

  Rain cover with blocking wind.

  Carrying handle

  Light weight

  Easy access to shopping cart

  4-wheel suspension

  Compact folding

Maclaren Quest Arc Stroller

Maclaren Quest ARC buggy with attached handlebar.

The lightest and sportiest and fully functional solution.
The Maclaren Quest ARC has it all, to be the ideal stroller, for its aluminum structure of aeronautical quality that makes it safe and durable, easy to use
for its low weight and rotating wheels and thanks to its united handlebar can be driven with one hand, suspension on all wheels to properly adsorb
any irregularity in the ground and to push it more gently, opens and closes with one hand.
Its super-cushioned and breathable seat with 4 reclining positions of backrest to be in a completely horizontal position, also has a footrest of
foam with memory and can wrap newborns perfectly.
Removable coverings for machine washing in cold water.
In addition, it has the perfect coverage to protect from cold and rain and storage space with a basket under chassis, to transport everything necessary for the baby.
Quest ARC is the perfect seat for the daily walk, to transport it thanks to its easy closing system.

The seat comes completely assembled and includes a premium rain bubble that is also resistant to wind.


Features of the stroller Maclaren Quest ARC

Compact folding umbrella type with one hand.

Waterproof extendable hood / UPF + with built-in visor

Adjustable shoulder harness height

Four-wheel suspension, front with lock

Brakes linked and operated with the foot

Lifetime warranty

Large basket

Reclining backrest in 4 positions until completely horizontal.

Approved up to 25kg in weight.


Functionalities of the stroller Maclaren Quest ARC

Window in the hood to see the child

Easy access storage behind the hood (pocket)

Five safety points safely assembled in an aluminum frame along with the exclusive Maclaren release buckle with fingers, make this seat the most safe of the world.

Handle of transport, also includes a strap for the back of easy access in the back part of the frame.

Replaceable parts that you can change yourself: Maclaren seats are made to last and last, parts that suffer wear are available (optionally) to make this seat model last infinitely.

Aerodynamic chassis

Wheels that allow greater agility in movements: They maintain stability when traveling on uneven terrain and withstand sudden movements. The design with wheels without axles, light and aerodynamic, it reduces the friction and stress produced by the rotation and makes the driving smooth and silent.


Colors in which you can have your stroller Maclaren Quest ARC

Gray (ref WD1G273322) Charcoal Denim

Beige (ref.WD1G2713529) Railroad Stripe

Black (ref.WD1G270422) Black / Black


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