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Now with new design and technical features, possibly the best Maclaren Quest ever made.

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Maclaren Quest Stroller

Now with new design and technical features, possibly the best Maclaren Quest ever made.

Made as the whole range in high performance aluminum the new quest is homologated from birth to 25kg and for this it incorporates a security system for newborns once we have completely reclined the backrest, also as an accessory we can buy an easy carrycot. install on the stroller, with this we will have a stroller from lightweight newborn, compact, agile and resistant and also a stroller up to 25kg, easy to fold and that fits in any trunk with a weight of only 6.5kg In addition, the chassis has been updated to create a wider space for the seat that is also higher, leaving more space for the child's legs.

The new front wheels allow a greater agility in the movements, the blocking of the direction activates of simple form, achieving a greater stability in the irregular terrains, supporting also abrupt movements, the design with wheels are, light and aerodynamic reduces the friction and It makes the driving smoother and quieter.

The Quest chair features a reclining seat in 4 positions with a comfortable one-hand fit, extendable footrest, and the integrated newborn safety system Newborn safty System.


Features of the Maclaren Quest stroller

• Safety system for newborns.
• Compatible with Macularen universal carrycot
• Removable and machine washable upholstery
• Aerodynamic chassis
• Higher seat
• Wheels that allow greater agility in movements
• Reclining backrest in 4 positions, operating with one hand.
• Compact umbrella-type folding with one hand.
• Optimized ergonomic grips
• UPF 50+ extensible and waterproof hood with built-in visor
• Replaceable parts available separately for your chair to last Maclaren Quest longer.
• Lifetime warranty. (To do this you must register your maclaren on the Maclaren official website)


The Maclaren Quest stroller includes in its equipment:

• Window in the hood
• Storage pocket
• 5-point safety harness, assembled in the aluminum frame, along with the exclusive release buckle with two fingers, make this chair the safest seat in the world.
• Extendable leg support with position memory
• Transport belt
• Transport handle
• Large size basket
• Premium rain-resistant wind plastic.


Colors in which you can buy your new Maclaren Quest stroller.

Black (ref.WD1G040092) Black silver

Rose (ref WD1G040572) Dove azalea

Navy Blue (ref.WD1G040042) Medieval blue silver

Gray (ref WD1G043322) Denim charcoal

Light blue (ref WD1G040582) Marina limeade