Maxi Cosi

Car seats, strollers, baby carriages and childcare articles.

In Maxi-Cosi they always work so that you have a safer car seat with an easy and simple installation, for this they have a wide range in all groups and ages, with current regulations, which are successfully and widely exceeded.
Maxi-Cosi car seats combine safety and comfort with a practical design and high-quality upholstery with colors for all tastes.
We also have strollers and baby carriages so that you can trust our products for everything you need for your baby because they are designed and created to adapt to each lifestyle.


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Maxi Cosi designs smart and responsible travel and walk solutions with childcare

Smart because they solve the problems that are important to parents, save time because of their ease of use and also with an attractive and ergonomic design.

Responsible, because all the brand's articles are manufactured with the highest levels of quality, also thinking about the environment in the manufacture of the articles.

Why Maxi-Cosi?

For their car seats.
From birth with its 0+ groups, its latest innovations and practical and safe designs for babies. Adaptable to the brand's ride chassis.

For young children, Maxi-Cosi has a wide range of seats with both the i-Size standard and the ECE44 / 04 with isofix system and installation with the seat belt, but always easy to install and handle.

Safe in reverse. At Maxi Cosi we can choose the one that best suits our needs to carry the child in the car in the opposite direction to the march.

For older children, groups 2-3 offer peace of mind up to 12 years, offering safety and comfort as the child grows.

For their strollers.

Attractive, light, manageable and one-handed folding strollers, but more importantly, you can choose a lightweight, city-proof, travel-friendly or all-terrain stroller so you can explore the world with your little one. be safe, comfortable and easy.


For their baby carriages.

Thanks to the different carrycots that Maxi Cosi has, we can configure a baby stroller with the strollers from newborn, for daily walks in a comfortable way and protecting the baby.


For your home furnishings.

Maxi Cosi's home products combine function with style, all products adapt to any home thanks to their premium design.