Why buy nuna brand items?

Nuna manufactures its articles in refined lines with an ingenious design, quality and safety of its products to make them simple to use, safe and flexible to your needs. In nuna we have car seats from newborn to 10-12 years, with the latest technologies and materials as well as the latest regulations, but always also thinking of modern parents. We include in our products organic cotton fabrics with GOTS certificate, aeroflex foams that are intelligently light, resistant and minimize the force transferred to the baby by absorbing and diffusing its energy in case of impact. Nuna has a complete collection of products for the baby, safety for the trip with safe car seats, articles for the house, park beds, hammocks, high chairs and also for the ride with chairs and baby strollers.

What materials we use to manufacture our products
Materials of superior quality

The materials of our products are carefully selected so that only the best touch the baby, such as:
- Organic filling, Oeko-Tex® fabrics, chemical certification, free tissues, harmful substances complying with the European REACH standard and the EN71 standards, as well as CPSIA in the United States. Plastics and metals: also meet European standards

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At nuna we are proud that you have chosen our products so that they are part of the day to day with your family, for this reason we strive to continually improve our materials and production processes.
We are aware that we must create better products for babies while helping to improve the world in which they grow.

In nuna we believe that our clients are our family and for them we create.

- Car seats
- Strollers
- Household items: park cots, hammocks, high chairs


Why we as specialists in the market recommend nuna?

Many of us are parents and we understand that we are here to help, that is why we believe that no one as a manufacturer incorporates elements and designs to make life
of parents easier and also with style.
Creating comfortable products for the little ones that grow with them and that last so long that when they get a little brother will have the opportunity to enjoy them too.