Nuna AACE LX is a car seat with a 3D growth system, head height adjustment up to 9 positions, the width of the sides suitable for the child's growth and three positions for elongation of the base to accommodate the child's legs.

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Group 2-3 Nuna Aace car seat to grow comfortably.

Nuna Aace grows together with the child and keeps him always comfortable, with reclining backrest in positions.
Includes a removable cup holder, dishwasher safe.
It has state-of-the-art side impact protection with patented tailor tech visco-elastic foam.
   Nuna Aace has a 3D growth system, thanks to the height adjustment of up to 9 head positions in a simple way and with one hand, it also grows in width simultaneously with the height adjustment and
In addition, the seat grows in depth to make it more anatomical, and adapt to the growth of the legs in up to three positions to provide more space for support.
The fabrics are of high quality, removable and easy to clean.


Characteristics of the Nuna Aace car seat

- Side impact protection
- Comfortable and with contemporary design
- Exclusive 3D growth system, 9 position height adjustment, side width and seat length.
- Base with armrests
- Removable and easy to clean fabrics
- Includes isofix placement guides and removable cup holder
- Dimensions 36.8 x 30.4 x 57.1
- Weight 7.41kg


Colors of the Nuna Aace car seat.

Gray (ref. CS07005FRTGL) Frost

Black (ref. CS07005CHCGL) Charcoal

Blue (ref. CS07005ASPGL) Aspen

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