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The objective of the German brand Recaro is to develop car seats for children, bringing innovations in terms of safety, comfort and design. Recaro is a world leading manufacturer of seats for cars, airplanes and for more than 20 years also in children's car seats, applying the experience and technology acquired.


Why do professionals recommend Recaro?

It has a wide range of car seats in all groups from newborn to 12 years old. Most of their car seats get the highest scores in the tests as very satisfactory or satisfactory, the Guard, Zero.1 i-Size, Zero.1 Elite I-Size, Young sport hero, and the Monza nova. In addition the upholstery of their car seats are perhaps the best on the market, also uses visco elastic inside for greater comfort for children.

In group 0+ the Privia is a light and versatile chair with only 3.7 kg of weight one of the lightest on the market. But in the group 0-1 is where Recaro puts all its more advanced technology with the two models Zero.1, and Zero.1 Elite being this, a novelty worldwide. In group 1-2-3 the long-lived Young sport hero car seat is probably the best multi-group car seat without isofix. It also has the Monza Nova 2 IS with ventral cushion. In the group 2-3 the Monza Nova 2 with three positions of inclination of backrest, incorporates an audio system for entertainment of the child, also has the function of security, if you want to hear it will keep the head more backwards which is about avoid falling forward.

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Reviews Recaro car seats.

The vast majority of our customers are more than satisfied with the Recaro car seats in fact most of the qualifiers they use for the brand, especially for the model ZERO 1 i-Size are Unbeatable, Perfect, Reliable, Comfortable, Great, Recommendable, Best Buy.
Obviously the customer who buys a chair model has no other to compare, but if you are happy and satisfied with what you have both in safety and comfort for your child, as in manageability your assessment is always positive.


5 Reasons to buy a RECARO car seat.

1- Recaro uses all its experience of over 100 years in the manufacture of seats and in the car seats use the best materials and technologies to make them the safest.

2- Recaro is the only manufacturer that uses the highest quality materials on the market, making their upholstery timeless.

3- It uses VISCOELASTIC inside with memory effect, instead of high density foams like the rest of the Premium manufacturers.

4- It is one of the few car manufacturers in the world that has a train of tests to improve and carry out an exhaustive quality control.

5- Because it is an iconic brand and recognized worldwide, with guarantee of product satisfaction and after-sale anywhere in the world.